If you would like to add a tint to the UI so that it is not black and white, you can use a HEX Code to recolor all elements!  Need some help?  Visit: https://htmlcolorcodes.com/

RRGGBB Tint the UI with a color of your choice!

I also fixed a bug with the fullscreen button.

MPEmbed overlays a hidden fullscreen button on top of the default Matterport one.  This is necessary because otherwise, the default fullscreen button would take the tour fullscreen and leave behind all overlay features.  Not cool!

One problem has been that if you are using the highlight reel, the fullscreen button can move.  So – simple solution!  I’ve added a second hidden fullscreen button.  Yes, it’s always there 🙁  If the SDK has a feature wherein I can tell if the highlight reel is or is not open, I can do this properly.  For now – problem solved!