We’re in an https:// world and mixing https:// and http:// creates an error message in your browser.  We’re pointing users in the right direction by showing an error when a space loads if their hosted images are using an http:// url.  Standards, standards!

Multi-Floor Custom Mini Maps

Did you know that you can replace the minimap with your own?  Simply use &minimapurl=https://somedomain.com/path/filename.png.

If you would like to use multiple floors, label each file with 000.png (first floor), 001.png (second floor), 002.png (third floor).

Be sure that your custom mini map lines up with the generated one.  This can be tricky and you can read the docs to learn about &minimapoffset to fine tune if your map isn’t a 1:1 match.

The Return of Tooltips

At some point the tool tips that appeared when different elements were hovered stopped appearing.  I did not notice.

One of our user’s suggested that we add tool tips.  Now we have tooltips again.