The Matterport SDK has a handly feature called ‘navigateToTag’.  In theory, this will move you directly to a Mattertag, however, it fails if there is no clear path between where you are standing and where the tag is.

I suspect that internally, this function is what happens when you CLICK on a Mattertag, therefore, when used via the SDK, it can only be expected to work if the tag would be clickable.

It is for this reason that MPEmbed does a few clever things to make it work.  When you click on a Mattertag Directory link, it will attempt to ‘navigateToTag’.

When MPEmbed determines that the desired outcome did NOT happen, it will then swap to dollhouse mode, because in dollhouse mode, all tags are accessible via a click.

A user wrote to me saying that it was not working and that MPEmbed became unstable when clicking on links.  I tried out their space and confirmed that this was true (and panicked!)

What I realized was that they had disabled the dollhouse feature.  For this reason, I have added ‘floorplan’ mode as a fallback for resolving Mattertag links.  In the case that both dollhouse and floorplan have been disabled, you’re currently out of luck and the Mattertag directory will gracefully not work.  No more