Improved Filter Transitions (Premium):

Filter transitions have been improved so that all filters cross-fade.  Previously, transitions would be instant when they were not simply brightness and contrast adjustments.  This has been fine tuned and for the most part, transitions are all quite smooth now!

Easier Access to Edit Saved Filters (Premium):

Saved filters are now found at the bottom of the ‘Custom Filters’ panel.  It’s better to keep everything filter related in one panel!

Smooth Transitions for Brightness, Whitebalance and Tint Filters

Nailed it! Now pano filters smoothly cross fade on entry — even with white balance and tint adjustments! So excited to have finally got this working right!!!!I've added some EXTREMELY UGLY filters to this tour to demonstrate:

Posted by MPEmbed – Overlay for Matterport Showcase on Saturday, October 6, 2018

Disable Parameters (Premium):

If your client (or someone else!) has embedded a space with MPEmbed and you would like to regain full control over how the space is configured, now you can!  You must embed your user id (mpu) as a hidden Mattertag and then turn on the ‘Disable Parameters’ option in the ‘Settings’ panel.

Set Matterport Parameters (Premium):

Premium users can now configure all of Matterport’s standard URL parameters in a simple user interface!  It’s never been easier to customize a Matterport Space!  Additionally, free users can embed any standard URL parameter into a Mattertag and it will also work!  ?