Mattertag Sorting (Premium)

One of the most requested features has now been added — Mattertags can be reorganized within the Mattertag directory by dragging and dropping them!  It’s super easy!

Sort the Mattertag Directory with Drag and Drop!

The most requested feature for MPEmbed Premium has been the ability to sort Mattertags! I'm thrilled to say that the feature is now ready!The next most requested feature has been the ability to group Mattertags. Stay tuned!

Posted by MPEmbed – Overlay for Matterport Showcase on Saturday, October 6, 2018

Compass Widget (Premium)

A special shout out to Doug Tse in San Francisco — your compass feature has arrived!   Find this new feature in ‘Premium Features’ and visually set ‘True North’ to calibrate your compass widget!

MPEmbed Compass for Matterport Showcase

Have you ever been asked by a client if you can add a compass to your space? It's easy! &compass=1 and &compassnorth=90 (set the degrees). Premium users can visually set north!

Posted by MPEmbed – Overlay for Matterport Showcase on Thursday, October 11, 2018

Bug Fixes:

If you encountered some bug issues with setting certain showcase parameters to zero — it’s taken care of now! ?

MPEmbed previously viewed any setting that was set to ‘0’ as being ‘off’ — with the exception of &mt=0 — which had some programming put in place to allow.  I’ve retooled Premium to allow ‘0’ to be a valid value.

You’ll notice that ‘disable minimap’ and other options in premium that had a ‘Do not display’ option have had this option removed.  Now you can simply ‘uncheck’ the option to disable it.