Enlarged UI for Large Touchscreen Displays – You can now use &scaleui=1 to increase the display size of the About Panel and the UI icons (Dollhouse, Floorplan, Inside, Fullscreen).  This works along with the Horizontal Flip Button too (Premium feature — perfect for showing alternate options for home builders and apartments).

Show Mattertags on Minimap – You can now use &minimaptags=1 to display Mattertag Hotspots on your minimap!  They work just like normal hotspots and the Mattertag Directory and will reposition your visitor right in front of the Mattertag!  Stay tuned for an update to the SDK in a few weeks that will allow MPEmbed to also open the tag as well as instantly transition to its location without a ‘fly-to’ animation.

Hide All Panos on the Minimap – Premium users can already selectively disable panorama hotspots.  Now you can remove ALL panorama hotspots with &minimapnopano=1.  This is handy if you’d like a Mattertag ONLY minimap!

MPEmbed – Mattertag Minimap Hotspots and Scaled UI

New Features!&minimaptags=1 — Add Mattertags to your minimap!&minimapnopano=1 — Remove all panorama hotspots from your minimap.&minimaptags=1&minimapnopano=1 — Minimap with only mattertags for navigation!And — &scaleui=1 — 2x Scaled UI for use on massive touchscreen displays!

Posted by MPEmbed – Overlay for Matterport Showcase on Saturday, October 20, 2018