Happy Halloween!  Got a spooky tour?  Maybe you’d like to use &filter=invert!

New Feature – Transition Blur – Go a step further with the latest feature — &blurtrans!  &blurtrans=1 adds a slight blur between panorama transitions — &blurtrans=4 adds a massive blurry transition!  2 and 3 work too.  Check it out!  Premium users can interactively play around with this new customization.  It really takes the edge off of things!

Motion Blur Transitions

MPEmbed now supports motion blur during transitions! Have you ever felt that transitions were a bit too edgy and wanted to soften them a bit? This new feature is fun to play with and might take the edge off of things! Valid parameters: &blurtrans=1 &blurtrans=2 &blurtrans=3 &blurtrans=4 Or play around in premium! It's a cinematic feature that might reduce the jarring feeling that you feel between panoramas 🙂

Posted by MPEmbed – Overlay for Matterport Showcase on Wednesday, October 31, 2018