The highlights panel has received a huge upgrade!  Now highlights appear as thumbnails in a grid with the signature ‘Walking’ and ‘360 View’ icons just like the standard highlight reel.  In addition, dollhouse and floorplan views receive their own icons (first on MPEmbed!) — and links to other spaces using the &reels= parameter receive a ‘Play’ button.

MPEmbed Highlights Panel v2.0

Highlights Panel v2.0 – Looks a bit more familiar now! You can now disable your highlight reel with &hr=0 and have the same icon / layout in the MPEmbed About Panel.What's even cooler is that dollhouse and floorplan highlights have icons (not on standard Matterport Highlight Reels) …Also spaces usings &reels=SPACEID,SPACEID,SPACEID receive a 'play' button on each new tour link…

Posted by MPEmbed – Overlay for Matterport Showcase on Wednesday, October 31, 2018

Also – Google / Adobe analytics have received a few tweaks.  Highlight Reel logging now includes the label if created in Workshop.  Logging of moving between panoramas will also include a label if create in MPEmbed Premium!  There will be some more analytics announcements soon!

AND!  MPEmbed Premium celebrates the end of its launch month!

We have 60 users!  Incredible!  I have had such a wonderful time communicating with so many of you!  Your support, feature requests, bug reports and patience has made this project so very rewarding — and I hope that the features that I am able to create in this platform will, in turn, also be rewarding for you and your Matterport businesses!

I’ve converted the roadmap page into a blog and will be allowing premium users to comment if they wish on update posts!  If you’re logged in, you’re welcome to jump in!