I’m happy to announce that the drop down lists in the Mattertag and Highlight Panels have been removed and now both mobile and desktop versions of MPEmbed have a unified interface.

I’m not happy to have discovered that MPEmbed’s free version was not working at all for mobile.  When a space was entered, all MPEmbed parameters were dropped.  While the space still loaded perfectly, the overlay was not appearing.  This has been a problem since Premium users were provided the option to set all standard Matterport parameters from within the Premium interface.

If you are having difficulty with MPEmbed or find a bug, please do contact me immediately!  Many of the new features are a direct response to user feedback and most bug fixes are an immediate response to valuable feedback from the Matterport community.

In the near future, the Minimap will be reimagined for mobile.  I have several ideas such as providing options for customization of the mobile version of a space separately, and / or the mini map opening up as a full screen overlay for mobile so as to not overlap with the about panel.  The conflict of the about panel and mini map while in portrait orientation has been a pain point since MPEmbed has launched and I would love to resolve it!

On the Subject of Bugs….

The ability to hide Mattertags on Dollhouse, Floorplan, and/or Inside modes has now been labelled as a (BETA) feature as I have received and investigated reports that it causes media that is embedded within Mattertags to not appear.

Toggling the visibility of the Mattertags via the SDK does in fact cause Showcase to generate a pile of javascript errors when media is displayed.  This should not happen and it has been reported to the product team that develops Showcase.  Hopefully we’ll have a fix soon!  (Thanks Luk!)

On the Subject of Feedback…

Expanding and hiding nested Mattertags in the Mattertag Directory was previously only possible by clicking on the [+] or [-] icon.  This functionality has now been extended to the entire group title – as it should have been from the beginning.  (Thanks Luk!)

And additionally, you’ll now find the option to hide the About Panel completely during walkthrough and slideshow tour mode in Premium.  (&guidedtourpanel=1 for the Non-Premium folks) (Thanks Luk!)