MPEmbed’s Account System runs on WordPress with GravityForms.  GravityForms is pretty awesome and allowed me to rapidly build all of the user sign up forms, the payment processing forms, and even the form that lets you add spaces to use with MPEmbed.  I’ve used GravityForms for years — it’s been a great friend.

GravityForms v2.4.1 came out and pulled a fast one on me (and a few of you!)  If you opened up your Add Spaces panel and saw nothing there — oops!  I’ve rolled back to the previous version of GravityForms and filed a support ticket.  Until it’s resolved, I’ll keep the downgraded version.

One thing that is somewhat exciting though is that the latest version has some preliminary support for a ‘repeater field’ — which is sort of what I have on the Add / Remove Spaces page.  It’s a list field … with some code that limits the length of each field.  It’s pretty darn basic and I would absolutely love if I could do a bit more with it .. for instance, if each line could be validated by pulling the name of the Matterport Space and then saving that in a separate field so that when you view your list of spaces, they don’t just appear as arbitrary nonsense.  We’ll see what they come up with 🙂  I’ve been wanting to remake the Add / Remove Spaces page, but it’s either mess around with that for days, or continue to build the actual product.  The launch of Premium would have come a month sooner if I didn’t have to build an account system for it 🙂