Thank you, RocketGenius!

GravityForms is a form building and data management plugin that is crazy amazing.  It allows rapid creation of interactive forms with almost endless extensibility — perfect for building custom administration areas with.

I’m thrilled to have installed a fresh copy of GravityForms including a bug fix that resolved an issue with MPEmbed’s Premium Control Panel that had appeared on the latest release.  I had rolled back GravityForms to an earlier version to avoid the problem.

I use the ‘list’ field to power the Add / Remove Spaces section in the Premium Admin.  This quirky use-case allows users to have a repeating, and sortable section for adding space IDs and adding version numbers if needed.  The data is saved via JSON, which MPEmbed Premium is able to quickly pull from the WordPress Database to verify that the space is enabled.  I love it!  I can add additional columns if needed too.

As RocketGenius is building infrastructure for a more powerful ‘repeater’ field group system, the lists seemed to have been affected.  It is likely that they are being rebuilt as a subset of the repeater field.

What I am VERY excited about is that I should soon be able to gracefully transition the list field into a more integrated ‘Add Spaces’ form that will allow me to build other features in – such as the addition of ‘MagicTags’ and other space-specific content that will be shared soon!

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