Since UI v2.0 Launch, there have been quite a few little bugs and oversights that I have been working on over the past few days. Here is a summary of what has been worked on:

  • Custom Mattertag sort order & organize by folder is working again.
  • &reels now automatically includes the space (&m=XXXXXXXXXXX)
  • Premium – Highlight Reel + Multi-Tour Highlight Reel now work together
  • Disabling Social Media sharing in Workshop now recognized.
  • Disabling Guided Tour Play/Pause in Workshop now recognized.
  • Fonts look much better in Firefox.
  • Flip Button works in both normal and upside down mode.
  • Added a Help Pop-Up to UI 2.0 – It’s simplified and I think that the verbiage is more direct. It is only in English right now (but you can edit the text in Premium).
  • Added Tooltips to Map Controls
  • Added additional multi-lingual translation words.

As a note – the UI disappears completely during highlight reel playback. This was intentional, but some users may want this to be optional and I’m looking into it.