A user let me know that embedding on social media would show ‘Explore [name] in 3D’ – regardless of the language used. I’ve fixed that! (Great Feedback).

This prompted me to do a bit of an audit on the code for MPEmbed … spacing / indenting / and validating.

Spacing and indenting one’s code is merely cosmetic (many people crunch their production code to keep people from stealing it and to marginally speed up loadtime). I like good looking code!

On the other hand, having 100% standards compliant code helps resolve browser issues and speeds up render time. I’ve audited MPEmbed’s code and streamlined where needed and fixed a few little things.

I have run tests on both the code that is rendered when the page is created, and the code that is rendered after all javascript commands (building menus, etc). 100% Standards Compliant!

For what it is worth, Matterport Showcase 3’s page has 4 errors and 3 warnings. The code that is dynamically created contains many more error messages – a total of 84 errors/warnings combined. Now of course, while MPEmbed has (currently) error/warning free — we’re still embedding Showcase, so this does not fix that.