You may now choose to filter out the types of views that display in the Highlight Reel or Highlight Panel. This is useful if you have created a guided tour with multiple dollhouse / floorplan views as transitions, but would not like to show them as thumbnails. In addition, it can allow one highlight reel to be used for snapshots only in the ‘reel’, but perhaps showing the dollhouse and floorplan views in the panel. It’s up to you!

MPEmbed’s users are amazing and I LOVE how fast bugs are found and resolved thanks to their feedback. I was unaware that the Mattertag Content Panel — which appears when you click on a Mattertag in the Mattertag Directory while Mattertags are turned off for the sapce — (&mdir=1&mt=0 / Disable Mattertags + Enable Panel) — was causing the entire about panel to disappear while closing. Fixed!

I also discovered a bug of my own today and resolved it quite quickly. Custom filters and events on the ENTRY panorama were not being applied when a tour began. This was a quick fix.

If you discover something that is not working as you expect, please drop a line! Fixes are fast and I could not possibly find them all without your help! You’re all my quality assurance team — and you guys do not miss a beat!

So, thank you!

Here’s to a new year with so much more to do, create and enhance!!!!