Lock About Panel

MPEmbed focuses on maintaining the same look and feel as Showcase. This is a core design philosophy that extends to the Premium UI Configurator where configuration of options happens within the ‘About Panel’.

One challenge during configuration is that the about panel disappears whenever the user moves. One solution would be to enable the ‘No Fade’ option (&nofade=1). As this is an option for the presentation of your space, it really shouldn’t be part of the Premium Workflow.

As a solution, a new ‘Lock About Panel Fading’ icon has been added. It’s in a really easy to find location, right beside the standard Matterport UI icons.

Toggle Filters

If you are using global or per-pano color filters, it is nice to be able to quickly A/B test your settings.

A ‘Toggle Filters’ button has been added. This allows you to quickly turn filters on and off while editing!

As a sidenote, the ‘filtersoff’ configuration option has now been removed as it is unnecessary.

Panorama Options visible in Pano List

When adding tons of panorama settings, it can be difficult to remember where you have applied all settings.

Now you can see status icons for all pano features that are turned on in the panos panel!

Bug Fixes

  • Some panorama setting checkboxes were not clearing when moving between panoramas.
  • Some multi-select checkbox panels required clicking twice to uncheck the previous option and check the new one.
  • The Mattertag Panel would stop working if Mattertags that were nested in category folders were removed in workshop.
  • &title and &brand were not working as expected. Behavior is now the same as Showcase.