After much hard work writing all sorts of crazy code in a futile attempt to resize the about panel whenever the highlight reel opens and closes combined with the appearance and disappearance of panorama announcements, I had a crazy idea and restructured these 3 elements into a vertical flex grid that automatically resizes without the need for a lot of silly coding. #cssmagic

The result? Overlapping issues should now be resolved with announcements that are multiple lines long.

In addition, a few more UI tweaks were made:

  • Got rid of the 20px black area at the bottom of the Premium UI. This arrived when I shortened the header by 20px last week. More room to work!
  • Mattertags Directory can now be scrolled with the mousewheel in Premium.
  • Reduced spacing a bit in the footer area / highlight reel.
  • Removed javascript based scrolling. Chrome / Safari / Webkit users get a pretty native scrollbar. Firefox users get an ugly one. 🙂