You now have the ability to set background music to your Matterport Space. Users will be able to turn on / off the music from a native UI icon right next to the tour controls. You may also set the volume and whether or you you would like the audio to repeat. A non-repeating background track is a great way to provide an audio intro!

Background Music for Matterport Spaces

It's here – another top request is the ability to set a background music track to your Matterport Space!You can set the default volume (25%, 50%, 75%, 100%) as well as whether or not you would like to loop the audio. This is a killer-feature if you'd like to simply have an audio welcome!

Posted by MPEmbed – Overlay for Matterport Showcase on Monday, January 7, 2019

For non-Premium users:

&bgmusic=https://…Address to audio file (mp3, ogg, or wav). Must be https://
&bgmusicloop=1Loop background audio
&bgmusicvol=0.5Set volume from 0.1 (10%) to 1 (100%)


  • Removed rounded borders on color filters.
  • Color filters now turn to default UI color when hovered.
  • Removed extra space at bottom of highlights panel.
  • Changed hover color on highlights reel (was black, now is staying white).
  • Changed font sizes for announcements to reflect the same font sizes in the title area of the about panel (consistency!)
  • Confetti disabled on mobile as it does not perform well.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed &reels (was not working when highlight reel was turned off)
  • Fixed display of custom floor names
  • Fixed button that minimizes the about panel — wasn’t allowing people to click it.
  • Fixing &reels caused normal highlights to disappear, which is fixed.
  • Left side of screen was unclickable, which was fixed too.
  • Floor Menu was either invisible or visible — as opposed to open / closed. For desktop users, one would rarely click on the invisible menu. For mobile users, the menu fell in a logical place to click to move.