Add Background Music — or an opening welcome!

Add Background Music — or an opening welcome!

You now have the ability to set background music to your Matterport Space. Users will be able to turn on / off the music from a native UI icon right next to the tour controls. You may also set the volume and whether or you you would like the audio to repeat. A non-repeating background track is a great way to provide an audio intro!

For non-Premium users:

&bgmusic=https://…Address to audio file (mp3, ogg, or wav). Must be https://
&bgmusicloop=1Loop background audio
&bgmusicvol=0.5Set volume from 0.1 (10%) to 1 (100%)
Coming Soon – Instant Mattertag Navigation Transitions

One of the most requested features is for Mattertags to open when navigated to from the Mattertag panel. The code is already in place for this to happen — along with a more elegant cross-fade animation.We're just waiting on Matterport to publish Showcase 3.0.6 :)Right now, there is no way to open Mattertags via the SDK. In addition, the SDK method for navigating to Mattertags fails when a line of sight cannot be found.MPEmbed has code in place that analyzes the user's position and the Mattertag's position. If the user does not actually move towards the tag, it'll swap to floorplan mode for a split second, then envoke the existing SDK 'navigateToTag' feature, then swap back to inside mode. This glitches Showcase and creates a pretty interesting 3D transition to the Mattertag. I like it, but cross-fade is much better.

Posted by MPEmbed – Overlay for Matterport Showcase on Monday, January 7, 2019


  • Removed rounded borders on color filters.
  • Color filters now turn to default UI color when hovered.
  • Removed extra space at bottom of highlights panel.
  • Changed hover color on highlights reel (was black, now is staying white).
  • Changed font sizes for announcements to reflect the same font sizes in the title area of the about panel (consistency!)
  • Confetti disabled on mobile as it does not perform well.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed &reels (was not working when highlight reel was turned off)
  • Fixed display of custom floor names
  • Fixed button that minimizes the about panel — wasn’t allowing people to click it.
  • Fixing &reels caused normal highlights to disappear, which is fixed.
  • Left side of screen was unclickable, which was fixed too.
  • Floor Menu was either invisible or visible — as opposed to open / closed. For desktop users, one would rarely click on the invisible menu. For mobile users, the menu fell in a logical place to click to move.

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