Text to Speech Voices in Dozens of Languages

Text to Speech Voices in Dozens of Languages

MPEmbed’s Text-to-Speech support now extends beyond Chrome in support for dozens of multi-lingual female and male voices. Customize the speed, pitch and volume of your voice overs.

As a note, it’s easy to make silly sounding voices by adjusting the rates and pitches — but these features are quite practical when dealing with certain languages that require the adjustments based on how they are implemented. Play around and find the right voice!

Custom Text to Speech Voices in Dozens of Languages

You can now select the gender and origin of your tour's virtual tour guide! While many of the settings may result in silliness, you can fine tune and find the perfect voice to match your space!I'm a bit of a fan of the Australian Female at 110% speed … although the Australian Male with low pitch is kinda cool too.Non-English voices tend to perform better when they are reading NON-English text — so while you may be tempted to giggle as you play around, please realize, it might help to try some language specific text with each voice!

Posted by MPEmbed – Overlay for Matterport Showcase on Wednesday, January 23, 2019

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