New Parameters (Supported in MPEmbed and listed in MPEmbed Premium’s options)

&portal=0 – Hides 360 Placements Portals

&pin=0 – Hides 360 Placement pins that are shown during the introduction fly-in, dollhouse and floorplan modes.

New Mattertag Colors

MPEmbed now supports assigning ‘labels’ to the new colors introduced in Workshop 3.0.

Here’s a space that contains all of the new colors and the Mattertags Color Filters options setup — enjoy!

And another thing …

&reels is now &spaces

&reels is now gone (it still works!) and has been replaced with &spaces and &spacereels.

Originally, &reels would merge multiple highlight reels together. If a space did not have a highlight reel, a single thumbnail would be added for the space itself.

A user could choose to link multiple spaces together and not build highlight reels so that they would have a simple ‘spaces’ box. Or, if a user had highlight reels, they’d get one large multi-tour highlight reel.

I did not realize this was confusing until I started speaking to several of my users.

&spaces are better

&spaces=SPACEID|SPACEID|SPACEID – This will add a thumbnail to the highlight reel for each space that you have listed.

&spacereels=1 – This will include the highlight reels from each space in the highlight panel.

Use of &reels will automatically convert to &spaces.