MP/Embed is the product of over a year of feverish work – culminating in an extremely popular product for enhancing Matterport spaces. We have over 200 paid users and thousands of spaces using MP/Embed’s free embed code with parameters.

While development of new features has slowed – development and maintenance continues. Updates are generally posted to the Facebook page, which I have grouped below:

1/31 – Measurement Mode is not currently supported as it cannot be accessed via the SDK. When / If Matterport add SDK access, I can incorporate it.

Development Log:

  • 1/31 – Google Analytics logging now includes clicks on links within Mattertags
  • 1/27 – Bug Fix – &brand=0 now hides contact details
  • 1/27 – UI Tweak – Infobox panels are all now lighter opacity with roll-over for higher contrast
  • 1/27 – UI Tweak – Removed 10px gap from above title box
  • 1/27 – UI Tweak – Updated Matterport Logo (as per request by Matterport)
  • 12/30 – New Feature — &minimapall=1 — Flatten the minimap to a single floor. Similar to Matterport’s &f=0 option to disable multiple floors. All panoramas, labels and Mattertags will appear on the flattened map at all times. This is useful when Matterport creates unnecessary floors — good for AEC scans.
  • 12/30 – Bug Fix – The UI no longer ‘jerks’ when starting the tour.
  • 12/30 – Measurement mode is now totally disabled so that the UI glitches that partially appear no longer appear.
  • 12/30 – Updated VR button — now goes to[modelid] — which -should- provide access to VR for users via the Matterport App.
  • 11/21 – MPEmbed’s fading GUI behavior has been reversed to match Showcase 3.0’s default behavior. Matterport quietly removed their infamous ‘immersive mode’ wherein the UI disappears when the tour is in motion several months ago. The good news is that if you’d like to re-enable this feature in MPEmbed, you can do so with the fadeui parameter. &fadeui=1
  • 11/20 – Fixed &ts=
  • 10/23 – Wow. If you used the Mattertag Directory and a user clicked on a Mattertag while in a 360 View — nothing would happen! Thanks to erik keyser sharing a tour with me with this issue, I’ve made sure that the mode will shift to ‘inside’ mode before attempting to fly to the Mattertag.
  • 10/24 – Today, I fixed a problem wherein MPEmbed would crash Showcase. If the ‘hide mattertags in dollhouse’ option was set, but no Mattertags actually existed, Showcase would crash! Thanks to Aaron Moreno Cruz for reporting that there was an issue! I’ve forwarded it on to the developers at Matterport. It’s a bug in Showcase, but a bizarre one that nobody would likely ever have encountered except via an SDK-based project like MPEmbed.
  • 10/15 – &3dmeasurements=2 – Automatically show 3D Measurements (and button to toggle) This is in addition to the previously available feature: &3dmeasurements=1 – Show 3D Measurements button. The 3D Measurements feature has been moved from ‘Discontinued’ to ‘3D Tour’ in premium as the feature is now working again.
  • 10/15 – &nofade=1 – Disabling GUI Fade will now keep the GUI visible even during the guided tour / slideshow
  • 10/15 – Bug Fix – Bulk Pano Export (4096 x 2048) now works past pano #100 (was previously sending a zip file with only one file) … ridiculous bug on my part – sorry for those who were impacted.
  • 10/15 – 2D Measurements on the Minimap now work again (Matterport changed the location of the data, this has now been updated.)
  • 10/15 – &ignoreparams=1 – Which is a Premium Feature (or a feature that can be embedded in a hidden Mattertag) – Should be working now. It was allegedly not working and if I am not mistaken this is now fixed.
  • 10/15 – &minimapnopano (Hide panos on minimap) was causing issues with the current location marker. This has been fixed.