Recent updates to MP/Embed:

  • 06/13/20 – Mattertags now sort properly in the Mattertag Directory feature. (&mdir=X). Previously, tags would sort wherein tags with images would appear together, then with rich media, then plain tags. They all now sort together.
  • 05/23/20 – Measurement Mode now fully supported! Thanks to Matterport’s Showcase/SDK team for working closely with us to add the features needed to make this possible!
  • 05/16/20 – Infobox details area redesigned. External Website URL link display fixed. Tweaked size/spacing of title of space during loading sequence to better match Showcase.
  • 04/15/20 – Added support for &sr and &ss (New deeplink short url parameters)
  • 03/01/20 – Added Mattertag Toggle button feature
  • 02/24/20 – Added option to hide text from the Highlight Directory
  • 01/27/20 – Bug Fix – &brand=0 now hides contact details, Infobox panels are all now lighter opacity with roll-over for higher contrast, Removed 10px gap from above title box, Updated Matterport Logo (as per request by Matterport)