Bring your digital world to the next level

  • Advanced branding options
  • Pano to pano events
  • Custom guided tour
  • Custom tags
  • 3D tools
  • TV Walls
  • 360 Pano integration
  • Color correctors
  • Audio functions
  • Hundreds of inteface settings
  • Case by case customization
MPEmbed features

How does it work?

MPEmbed is a powerful web software service built on the Matterport Ecosystem by a team of Matterport enthusiasts.

Our user friendly interface allows the users to quickly synchronize and transform the Matteport Experience without programming knowledge.

Whether you want to customize your Matterport experience or need to add simple things like background music and branding, MPEmbed is the solution you need.

Have a special project?  Schedule a meeting with our of our Matterport Experts.

Latest feature

We regularly launch new functions of feature improvements.  See our latest update below.

The media augmented guided tour.

MPEmbed premium plans


$ 19
95 /mo
  • Enhance 100 Spaces
  • File Upload 500MB


$ 29
95 /mo
  • Unlimited Spaces
  • File Upload 1GB

Whether you’re a member or not, get an overview of our features with a live tutorial. 

If you want to try on your own, you can explore our free version (no
registration necessary) or ask for a free trial of our professional

Premium features

Video walls

Display videos and/or images in frames on your space walls.

Clickable 3D Objects

Insert GLB files with clickable media anywhere in your tour.

Clickable 3D Text

Add floating clickable 3D text with clickable media.

Clickable media zones

Add clickable media zones on any object in your tour.

3D file viewer

Show 3D files in any mattertag.

3D models in VR mode

3D models are supported in Occulus Quest 2 VR headset.

Highlight reel media

Multimedia integration in the highlight reel.

Media library

File uploads and hosting. Reuse files from one space to the other.

New custom mattertags

Change the font, scale, hover size, background image, background opacity.

Pano to pano media

Trigger media when stepping on a sweep/pano.

Clickable copyright link

Add a URL to the copyright.

White label

Personalize the URL of your spaces to yours including multiple white label options.

Native video player

Native video player for mattertags and sweeps/panos.

360 photos and videos

Supports 360 photos and videos in mattertags, scan point trigger and highligh reels.

Transparent background video

Supports transparent background video in mattertags and on sweeps/panos triggers.

Custom share thumbnail

Change the image on your social media shares.

Custom css

Assign custom css class per mattertag.


Brand your space with a transparent logo.

Free features

Interactive Mini Map

With Hotspots, Mattertags, Measurements and Labels.

Google Analytics

Track actions within your tour and view interaction in realtime.

Photo Filters

Boost the brightness and saturation of your tour or add novelty effects.

Mattertag Directory

An interactive list of all of your space's Mattertags.

Mattertag Content Box

Show Mattertag content in a panel instead of a floating box.

Background Music

Add background music to your space with a play/stop button

Multi-Space Tours

Add thumbnails to other spaces within your tour's highlight reel.

Custom UI Text & Translations

Change any text in Showcase or translate into your own language.

2X UI for Large Displays

Increase the size of Showcase's UI for better appearance on large screens.

Immersive Mode

Re-enable Showcase's fading user interface during motion.

Custom Menu Colors

Change Showcase's menus from black to whatever color you'd like!

Social Sharing

Share on Facebook or Twitter with tour thumbnail and title.

Featured on

See MPEmbed in action! Learn how they doubled their premium user base with Matteport Platform tools.

WordPress Matterport Shortcode

WP Matterport Shortcode is a lightweight solution for quickly embedding an MPEmbed space into a WordPress site.  It supports all Matterport and MPEmbed parameters.