MP/embed Premium - Control Panel

Add / Remove Spaces

  • Model ID
    Add the 11 alphanumeric character model ID to the list below.
    For instance if your model is: — then the ID is 1234567890A
  • Version (optional)
    Do you need to create multiple MPEmbed overlays for the same tour?  Versions allows this!  Add up to ten alphanumeric characters.   Do not use spaces or punctuation in the version name.
  • Proxy (Updated Model ID) (optional)
    If you have reuploaded your space with more scans, or changes to your markers – your new space will have a new ID.  If you would like to continue to use the same MPEmbed URL for your reuploaded space, you can type the NEW space ID in the ‘proxy’ field.  The new space will load in the place of your old space and all settings will be retained.
  • (+)
    Click the Plus (+)  button to add  spaces.  Do not delete the space ID or overwrite with another id. 
  • To delete spaces, go to the home page and use the garbage bin icon under your space.