MPEmbed Premium - Control Panel

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the differences between MP/embed Free, Basic, Pro and Unlimited?

  • Free – Use of MP/embed with parameters (or embedded Mattertags) with features documented on the ‘How it Works’ page.
  • Premium – Use of MP/embed’s Premium ‘Configurator’, a control panel with all features with visual configuration.  Available as Professional or Unlimited.
  • Premium Basic (now retired) – Use of Premium with 25 Total Spaces.
  • Premium Pro – Use of Premium with 100 Total Spaces.  Includes 500MB Storage for file upload feature.
  • Premium Unlimited – Use of Premium with Unlimited Spaces.  Includes 5GB Storage with file upload feature.

Is there a user guide?

Yes! You can access it here :

Do you have video tutorials?

We have a few video tutorials, mostly in English and some in French, here :

Where can I read your Privacy Policy and your Terms of Service?

You can read them here :
A link to this page can be found in the main website’s page footer.

When adding a new space, what are the space id, the version and the proxy?

  • Matterport space id
    Add the 11 alphanumeric character model ID to the list below.
    For instance if your model is: — then the ID is 1234567890A
  • Version (optional)
    Do you need to create multiple MPEmbed overlays for the same tour?  Versions allows this!  Add up to ten alphanumeric characters.   Do not use spaces or punctuation in the version name.
  • Proxy (Link Replacement) (optional)
    If you have reuploaded your space with more scans, to edit your trims or to replace an existing project – your new Matterport space will have a new ID. If you would like your new space to point to the old URL link you can by using Prox. Type your OLD space ID (and the version if it applies) in the “Matterport ID” field. Type the NEW space ID in the ‘proxy’ field. The new space will load in the place of your old space and all settings will be retained.

How can I add more than one space at the same time ?

You can add several spaces by writing a comma separated list of IDs in the box above the button.   This option cannot include versions or proxies.   If the spaces already exist or go over your maximum of spaces, they will not be imported.

What is a white label domain ?

You can use your own domain or subdomain to share your MP/embed spaces with your clients.   For example, instead of putting … you could use …  You can sign up for this service here.

Which version do I need to use with WP3D Models?

WP3D Models has full support for MP/embed Free.  In addition, you can embed any Premium Space by using the ‘Wildcard field’ and simply entering in &mpu=X, where X is your user id.

Help!  &title=0 doesn’t hide the About Panel!  Why?

WP3D Models automatically applies &title=0 in order to provide it’s animated title sequence.  In order to work together with this WP3D Models, we ignore this setting.  Please use &mls=2 instead – as it does the same exact thing and is supported.

What happens to my Premium settings if I cancel my subscription or fail to pay?

If your subscription is cancelled (by you or automatically by not paying), you will not be able to access your spaces anymore for editing in the premium interface, but the links will remain functional.   A small MPEmbed watermark will be added to the start page and to the bottom right of your spaces.   White labels will be deleted and those links will stop to function under the white label, while they will remain active with the domain.   Contact us to reactivate a cancelled account and your spaces will be intact.

Do I need to use parameters with MP/embed Premium?

You only need to use one parameter – &mpu= – which will load the space settings from your premium account based on your user ID.  If you have a white label domain, you do not need the &mpu parameter anymore.

Optionally, you can use &mpv= if you have opted to use the ‘versions’ system to create multiple premium version for the same space.   The mpv parameter is still required if you use a white label domain.

&mpv= loads the correct version of the enhancements — if you have created multiple premium versions of the space.  It is not mandatory to have a version number.  You cannot change or remove the version number at this time – you’ll lose your settings.

Can I display my Premium space without using the &mpu and &mpv parameters?

Yes!  You  can embed these settings using hidden Mattertags.  This validates that you are the owner of the space and that any time your space is viewed via, that these settings should be seen.

  1. Login to
  2. Enter Workshop for the space that you wish to validate
  3. Create a Mattertag with the title ‘mpu’ and enter your MP/embed user id in ‘details’ (it will be a number)
  4. Set this tag’s visibility to off (red)
  5. If you have multiple versions, create a Mattertag with the title ‘mpv’ and enter the version that you assigned in ‘details’.
  6. Set this tag’s visibility to off (red)
  7. Click Publish.

When I remove a space, do I lose all of the settings that I created?

No.  The space will remain active, but an MPEmbed watermark will be added to the splash screen and the bottom right corner of the space.

Help, I changed the version number and now my settings are all gone!

If you remember the version number you used, simply put it back.  If you don’t remember the version number, contact

Can I use Premium to override parameters on a space that has already been embedded?

Yes!  If you have a client who has embedded a tour with parameters into their website, you can add Mattertags for mpu and mpv into your space.  Then in Premium, you can check the option for ‘disable parameters’.  Viola!  You have taken control of the space!

What format of 3d Objects is supported in MPEmbed?

We support only GLB format for now.

Are Mattertags supported in VR mode?

No, but 3d objects are (including TVs!), as they are directly injected in the 3d model. The Mattertags are a 2d overlay on top of the tour and cannot be viewed in VR.