2020 Changelog

Recent updates to MP/Embed:

  • 06/13/20 – Mattertags now sort properly in the Mattertag Directory feature. (&mdir=X). Previously, tags would sort wherein tags with images would appear together, then with rich media, then plain tags. They all now sort together.
  • 05/23/20 – Measurement Mode now fully supported! Thanks to Matterport’s Showcase/SDK team for working closely with us to add the features needed to make this possible!
  • 05/16/20 – Infobox details area redesigned. External Website URL link display fixed. Tweaked size/spacing of title of space during loading sequence to better match Showcase.
  • 04/15/20 – Added support for &sr and &ss (New deeplink short url parameters)
  • 03/01/20 – Added Mattertag Toggle button feature
  • 02/24/20 – Added option to hide text from the Highlight Directory
  • 01/27/20 – Bug Fix – &brand=0 now hides contact details, Infobox panels are all now lighter opacity with roll-over for higher contrast, Removed 10px gap from above title box, Updated Matterport Logo (as per request by Matterport)

MP/Embed Updates

MP/Embed is the product of over a year of feverish work – culminating in an extremely popular product for enhancing Matterport spaces. We have over 200 paid users and thousands of spaces using MP/Embed’s free embed code with parameters.

While development of new features has slowed – development and maintenance continues. Updates are generally posted to the Facebook page, which I have grouped below:

1/31 – Measurement Mode is not currently supported as it cannot be accessed via the SDK. When / If Matterport add SDK access, I can incorporate it.

Development Log:

  • 1/31 – Google Analytics logging now includes clicks on links within Mattertags
  • 1/27 – Bug Fix – &brand=0 now hides contact details
  • 1/27 – UI Tweak – Infobox panels are all now lighter opacity with roll-over for higher contrast
  • 1/27 – UI Tweak – Removed 10px gap from above title box
  • 1/27 – UI Tweak – Updated Matterport Logo (as per request by Matterport)
  • 12/30 – New Feature — &minimapall=1 — Flatten the minimap to a single floor. Similar to Matterport’s &f=0 option to disable multiple floors. All panoramas, labels and Mattertags will appear on the flattened map at all times. This is useful when Matterport creates unnecessary floors — good for AEC scans.
  • 12/30 – Bug Fix – The UI no longer ‘jerks’ when starting the tour.
  • 12/30 – Measurement mode is now totally disabled so that the UI glitches that partially appear no longer appear.
  • 12/30 – Updated VR button — now goes toΒ https://mpvr.app.link/[modelid]Β — which -should- provide access to VR for users via the Matterport App.
  • 11/21 – MPEmbed’s fading GUI behavior has been reversed to match Showcase 3.0’s default behavior. Matterport quietly removed their infamous ‘immersive mode’ wherein the UI disappears when the tour is in motion several months ago. The good news is that if you’d like to re-enable this feature in MPEmbed, you can do so with the fadeui parameter. &fadeui=1
  • 11/20 – Fixed &ts=
  • 10/23 – Wow. If you used the Mattertag Directory and a user clicked on a Mattertag while in a 360 View — nothing would happen! Thanks to erik keyser sharing a tour with me with this issue, I’ve made sure that the mode will shift to ‘inside’ mode before attempting to fly to the Mattertag.
  • 10/24 – Today, I fixed a problem wherein MPEmbed would crash Showcase. If the ‘hide mattertags in dollhouse’ option was set, but no Mattertags actually existed, Showcase would crash! Thanks to Aaron Moreno Cruz for reporting that there was an issue! I’ve forwarded it on to the developers at Matterport. It’s a bug in Showcase, but a bizarre one that nobody would likely ever have encountered except via an SDK-based project like MPEmbed.
  • 10/15 – &3dmeasurements=2 – Automatically show 3D Measurements (and button to toggle) This is in addition to the previously available feature: &3dmeasurements=1 – Show 3D Measurements button. The 3D Measurements feature has been moved from ‘Discontinued’ to ‘3D Tour’ in premium as the feature is now working again.
  • 10/15 – &nofade=1 – Disabling GUI Fade will now keep the GUI visible even during the guided tour / slideshow
  • 10/15 – Bug Fix – Bulk Pano Export (4096 x 2048) now works past pano #100 (was previously sending a zip file with only one file) … ridiculous bug on my part – sorry for those who were impacted.
  • 10/15 – 2D Measurements on the Minimap now work again (Matterport changed the location of the data, this has now been updated.)
  • 10/15 – &ignoreparams=1 – Which is a Premium Feature (or a feature that can be embedded in a hidden Mattertag) – Should be working now. It was allegedly not working and if I am not mistaken this is now fixed.
  • 10/15 – &minimapnopano (Hide panos on minimap) was causing issues with the current location marker. This has been fixed.

Fixes & Questions from Customer Support

Hi All! It’s been quite a while and things have been very silent from me concerning the development of MPEmbed.

In the past few months, I’ve been focused on keeping up with customer support emails that are largely related to our control panel — and nothing to do with the MPEmbed product itself, sadly. Account terminations and account upgrades take up most of my time. #1 reason for accounts not working tend to be that a credit card was declined 3x.

However – a few useful things / bug fixes:

  • Password Protection – Did you know that MPEmbed Premium can password protect spaces? It most certainly can and I’ve patched a bug where forcing &play=1 would stop it from working. (Thanks, Peter Wolf)
  • Disable Filters for Firefox – This feature wasn’t working. It is now.
  • Editing Spaces with a Proxy – The save button was disabled. This is now resolved.
  • Linking to .webp Files on Wix.com – Users who are hosting assets such as logos and custom minimaps may want to use their Wix.com account to host their files. Wix automatically converts files to .webp and provides those URLs to users. Unfortunately, they don’t work on Apple devices! Simple fix – change the .webp to .jpg — and it’ll still work.

Add Matterport Spaces to the Highlight Reel

You can now add Matterport Spaces (or MPEmbed URLs) to the highlight reel! MPEmbed automatically pulls the thumbnail from the space and adds it to your highlight reel.

MPEmbed Premium’s highlight reel adds support for adding both YouTube Videos and Matterport Spaces. These are game changing features that many clients have requested that you can now offer them!

Add Matterport Spaces to the Highlight Reel

Now you can add Matterport (or MPEmbed) spaces to the highlight reel! This latest addition adds even more possibilities that you can only do with MPEmbed.

Posted by MPEmbed – Overlay for Matterport Showcase on Saturday, February 16, 2019

Hide Mattertags During Guided Tour

Are Mattertags making your guided tours look kind of silly? With MPEmbed, you can now turn off Mattertags from displaying during guided tours!


Over the past week, there have been some minor platform changes made including:

  • Addition of all help text into the ‘Customize Text’ menu in Premium (help text for dollhouse, floorplan and 360 view modes were not completely available)
  • A major bug was discovered and fixed that prevented MPEmbed from loading on spaces that were not visible when starting. This bug was worst if a user applied &play=1 to a space.
  • Mattertag Colors are now visible in password protected mode if you have changed the sort order of your tags and saved. I’m still working on bringing the minimap to password protected mode.

Instant Snapshots & Highlight Panel Sorting

Instant Snapshots

MPEmbed now has a snapshot button that can be enabled in MPEmbed Premium. When clicked, you will be able to select output format including multiple resolutions at 4:3 and 16:9. 4096 x 2048 Equirectagular spheres can also be exported using the snapshot button.

Filters are not applied to the snapshots. The blue circle cursor that appears while you are navigating the space will, unfortunately, appear in your snapshot too. As this functionality is a direct application of the Matterport SDK, I am imagining that this will be resolved soon when the next feature roll-out comes to Workshop 3 (Snapshots, Measurements, 3D Paths).

Take Snapshots and Export Panoramas with MPEmbed!

MPEmbed can now export snapshots in 4:3 and 16:9 and various resolutions! Are you one of 'those' MSPs who use snapshots for your MLS pictures and want 4:3? You're covered!You can also quickly export panoramas to post to Facebook. You're limited to 4096 x 2048 (sorry about that).Just enable the snapshots button under 'Main Features'. You can even let visitors to your MPEmbed Space take snapshots too! How cool is that?

Posted by MPEmbed – Overlay for Matterport Showcase on Saturday, January 26, 2019

Highlight Panel Sorting & Disabling

You can now sort the content in the highlight panel as well as disable individual highlights. Sorting includes space thumbnails and joined highlight reels. This feature provides some customization that may prove handy if you are using both a highlight reel and the highlight panel for different purposes.

Sort and Hide Thumbnails in the Highlight Panel

You can now sort the thumbnails in the highlight panel as well as hide them from appearing.This opens up some rather creative applications of the highlights panel.You could have both a highlight reel and a highlights panel and only show a few highlights in the panel — in any order that you want.You can combine with 'Spaces' and choose where you would like thumbnails that link to other spaces to go as well.You can also combine with 'Space Reels', where you combine multiple highlight reels from multiple spaces and pick which highlights to use too.This is one of those features that you really won't know what to do with until you need to use it πŸ™‚

Posted by MPEmbed – Overlay for Matterport Showcase on Saturday, January 26, 2019

Mattertag Transition Selection

You can now pick if you would like to ‘Fly’ between Mattertags, ‘Cross Fade’ or ‘Instantly Transition’ when using the Mattertag Panel and mini map to navigate. Thanks, Showcase SDK 3.0.6!

Hide Mattertags in Dollhouse, Floorplan or Walkthrough Mode

This ‘experimental’ feature is now available to use for all spaces. Previously, hiding / redisplaying Mattertags would cause embedded multimedia content to be stripped from the tags. As of Showcase 3.0.6, this has been resolved and the feature has been moved into the ‘Tags Panel’ box. It’s a great tool if you have a ‘scavenger hunt’ style tour and don’t want people to see the locations of your tags while in 3D mode! It can also make your space much cleaner if you have a massive number of mattertags!

3D Measurements Button

Speaking of measurements — there’s a bug with 3D Measurements related to the Showcase platform. After displaying 3D Measurements and then moving, they will disappear and cannot be displayed again until restarting the tour.

The bug is likely due to a change in the data format between Workshop 2 and Workshop 3 and may be the reason that the public Workshop 3 roll-out did not include the Measurements feature.

On a positive note, 3D Measurements on the mini-map (that display as 2D) are now working correctly on multi-floor spaces and will appear and disappear as you swap floors. The code that handles the minimap shifting between floors has been rewritten to properly identify which floor things belong on. The SDK identifies the floors that panoramas and labels belong to, but not Mattertags or measurements.

If you would like to view a Space that has Workshop 3 measurements with MPEmbed and the 3D Measurement toggle, click the tour below:

<iframe src="https://mpembed.com/show/?m=VnJ6kB1N1Zt&mpu=1"></iframe>

Workshop 3.0.8, Showcase 3.0.6

New Parameters (Supported in MPEmbed and listed in MPEmbed Premium’s options)

&portal=0 – Hides 360 Placements Portals

&pin=0 – Hides 360 Placement pins that are shown during the introduction fly-in, dollhouse and floorplan modes.

New Mattertag Colors

MPEmbed now supports assigning ‘labels’ to the new colors introduced in Workshop 3.0.

Here’s a space that contains all of the new colors and the Mattertags Color Filters options setup — enjoy!


And another thing …

&reels is now &spaces

&reels is now gone (it still works!) and has been replaced with &spaces and &spacereels.

Originally, &reels would merge multiple highlight reels together. If a space did not have a highlight reel, a single thumbnail would be added for the space itself.

A user could choose to link multiple spaces together and not build highlight reels so that they would have a simple ‘spaces’ box. Or, if a user had highlight reels, they’d get one large multi-tour highlight reel.

I did not realize this was confusing until I started speaking to several of my users.

&spaces are better

&spaces=SPACEID|SPACEID|SPACEID – This will add a thumbnail to the highlight reel for each space that you have listed.

&spacereels=1 – This will include the highlight reels from each space in the highlight panel.

Use of &reels will automatically convert to &spaces.

Text to Speech Voices in Dozens of Languages

MPEmbed’s Text-to-Speech support now extends beyond Chrome in support for dozens of multi-lingual female and male voices. Customize the speed, pitch and volume of your voice overs.

As a note, it’s easy to make silly sounding voices by adjusting the rates and pitches — but these features are quite practical when dealing with certain languages that require the adjustments based on how they are implemented. Play around and find the right voice!

Custom Text to Speech Voices in Dozens of Languages

You can now select the gender and origin of your tour's virtual tour guide! While many of the settings may result in silliness, you can fine tune and find the perfect voice to match your space!I'm a bit of a fan of the Australian Female at 110% speed … although the Australian Male with low pitch is kinda cool too.Non-English voices tend to perform better when they are reading NON-English text — so while you may be tempted to giggle as you play around, please realize, it might help to try some language specific text with each voice!

Posted by MPEmbed – Overlay for Matterport Showcase on Wednesday, January 23, 2019

Support for YouTube 360 Videos; Full Help Screen

YouTube 360 Videos are now fully supported by MPEmbed Premium. Simply add them to the highlight reel as you would a normal YouTube Video. The difference is that you will be able to control panning, while standard videos have their controls disabled and replaced by MPEmbed to suppress display of related videos .

In addition to 360 Video support, the YouTube player will now inherit the language settings from MPEmbed.

Add YouTube 360 Video to the Highlight Reel

YouTube 360 Videos are now fully supported in your highlight reel. While partial support has existed, now you'll be able to interact with the 360 Video as expected.MPEmbed detects whether a video is a standard or a 360 Video in order to allow controls. When a video is standard, pausing will show related videos, which looks quite unprofessional within a Matterport Space. MPEmbed bypasses this by locking down the 'pause' and 'end video' sequence via the YouTube API.Additionally, MPEmbed syncs language support across to the YouTube integration — keeps it consistent when you right click in 360 mode for options πŸ™‚

Posted by MPEmbed – Overlay for Matterport Showcase on Saturday, January 19, 2019

Finally, for those of you who missed the additional ‘More Help’ section of the ‘Help Screen’, this has been restored – along with mode specific help screens for Dollhouse, Walkthrough, Floorplan and 360 Views modes. Did you even know that the help screen changes during these modes? I didn’t before tonight!

Visibility Toggle for Announcements

Announcements open up many new opportunities for storytelling and documentation with Matterport Spaces. There are some occasions where storytelling and mobile might clash – or where your viewer simply wants to view the space distraction free. By popular request, announcements have now inherited the ‘visibility toggle’ – just like the about panel.

Toggle Announcements Visibility

Announcements open up many new opportunities for storytelling and documentation with Matterport Spaces. There are some occasions where storytelling and mobile might clash – or where your viewer simply wants to view the space distraction free. By popular request, announcements have now inherited the 'visibility toggle' – just like the about panel. Oh, and now the minimap slides when toggling it πŸ™‚ Gotta be consistent, right?

Posted by MPEmbed – Overlay for Matterport Showcase on Saturday, January 12, 2019

Oh, and now the minimap slides when toggling it πŸ™‚ Gotta be consistent, right?