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MPEmbed Free

Elevate your Matterport experience with MPEmbed Free – the essential tool that’s been transforming the way the Matterport community engages since 2018!

Unleash your creativity by effortlessly incorporating immersive add-ons like captivating background tunes and intuitive navigation maps, ensuring a memorable and impactful virtual experience for your audience.

Don’t just showcase your space; tell its story with the unrivaled versatility of MPEmbed Free.

Premium Advanced Customization

Advanced Customization

Inject your own CSS styles and custom buttons into your virtual tour with our Advanced Customization feature. 

Ideal for programmers seeking complete control over their virtual tour’s design and functionality, our team of experts can provide this service to ensure a seamless and tailored experience for your audience.

MPEmbed Premium - Advanced Customization
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Premium Analytics


Gain valuable insights into your virtual tour’s performance with our analytics feature, which includes Google Analytics 4 integration and custom analytics through cross-scripting. 

By tracking key metrics such as visitor behavior and engagement, you can optimize your virtual tour for maximum impact and ROI.

MPEmbed Premium - Analytics
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Premium Media Library

Media Library

Our ‘Media Upload and Library’ tool lets you easily upload, host, and manage various media files, such as 3D objects, external 360 panoramas, videos, and more. 

With a user-friendly interface, you can organize and access your media library to create an interactive and personalized virtual tour.

MPEmbed Premium - Media Library
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Premium Colors

Color Options and Filters

Enhance your virtual tours with our Color Filter Adjuster, offering a wide range of options to adjust brightness, saturation, and more. 

Whether you want to fine-tune the colors or create a specific ambiance, this powerful tool gives you complete control over your virtual tour’s visual appearance.

MPEmbed Premium - Color Options and Filters
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Premium 3D Lab

3D Lab

Bring your virtual tours to life with our powerful ‘3D Lab’ feature. Inject 3D objects, perform home staging, fill in missing meshes, and create clickable zones to create an immersive and engaging environment. 

Perfect for showcasing properties, products, or destinations, our ‘3D Lab’ feature takes your virtual tour to the next level.

MPEmbed Premium - 3d Lab
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Premium Location Based Actions

Location Based Action

Add a new level of engagement to your virtual tours with our ‘Pano to Pano Action’ feature. 

Customize individual panoramic locations with multimedia pop-ups and audio guides to create an interactive and immersive tour experience for your users.

MPEmbed Premium - Location Based Action
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Premium Visual Branding

Visual Branding

Elevate your virtual tours with our Premium Branding options, which give you the ability to add your logos, colors, audio, splash screens, and other unique branding elements for increased brand recognition and online presence. 

Ideal for businesses seeking a competitive edge and a strong visual identity.

MPEmbed Premium - Visual Design
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Premium Custom Tags

Custom Tags

Add more organization and flexibility to your virtual tours with our ‘Custom Tags’ feature. 

Easily add and customize tags to your tour for greater control over its presentation and structure.

MPEmbed Premium - Custom Tags
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Premium Interface Settings

Interface Settings

Customize every aspect of your virtual tour with our extensive interface settings. From colors to scale to navigation and user controls, our settings put you in complete control. 

Create a personalized and seamless tour experience that aligns perfectly with your vision and goals.

MPEmbed Premium - Interface Settings
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