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Feature Requests, Changelog and Tentative Roadmap

Better Integration with “title”, “mls” and “brand” Parameters

Hide Title / Presented By – MPEmbed now works with &title=0, &mls=1 and &brand=0.  These options will hide the title when loading and the top left about box.  Having &details= enabled will still show the details panel.

Premium – Resolved a few UI bugs — Matterport Standard URL Parameter options that were set to 0 (&mt=0, &title=0) were not showing their checkboxes as checked when reloaded.  Custom Filters were not being added to the minimap or global filter panel if the panel was already open.

New Fly-To Mattertag Transitions & New UI Tint Panel

&mtrans=2 – Experience a new transition between Mattertags when the ‘fly-to’ method fails.

When viewers click on a tag in the Mattertag panel, they will ‘fly-to’ the Mattertag (and generally reach the location of the Mattertag).  When this fails, MPEmbed will fly out to dollhouse mode (or floorplan mode if this is disabled) and then try again.

I have created a secondary option that will instead cross fade to the location of the Mattertag with a small 3D transition.  This is based on a quirk in the SDK that I have discovered.

Premium UI Fixes – Tint panel redesigned; bug with checkboxes not showing as checked when swapping tabs fixed.

Thank you for reporting bugs!

In addition to minor visual improvements to Premium’s Control Panel, I have begun to list known bugs, the time submitted, and the time resolved.

  • UI Tint not appearing on published tours – Reported 10/9/18 – Resolved – 10/10/18 @ 12:30am
  • Custom Filters set as the Global Filter are not currently working – Reported 10/9/18 – Resolved – 10/10/18 @ 2:21am
  • Mobile Version is not showing premium settings. – Reported 10/9/18 – Resolved – 10/10/18 @ 2:29am

Deep Link Fixes & MPEmbed Premium UI Fixes

Deep links were not working; turning off features was resulting in no change when saved.  Both issues are resolved.  Thank you for your patience with the Premium launch!

Mattertag Sorting & Compass Widget

Mattertag Sorting (Premium)

One of the most requested features has now been added — Mattertags can be reorganized within the Mattertag directory by dragging and dropping them!  It’s super easy!

Sort the Mattertag Directory with Drag and Drop!

The most requested feature for MPEmbed Premium has been the ability to sort Mattertags! I'm thrilled to say that the feature is now ready!The next most requested feature has been the ability to group Mattertags. Stay tuned!

Posted by MPEmbed – Overlay for Matterport Showcase on Saturday, October 6, 2018

Compass Widget (Premium)

A special shout out to Doug Tse in San Francisco — your compass feature has arrived!   Find this new feature in ‘Premium Features’ and visually set ‘True North’ to calibrate your compass widget!

MPEmbed Compass for Matterport Showcase

Have you ever been asked by a client if you can add a compass to your space? It's easy! &compass=1 and &compassnorth=90 (set the degrees). Premium users can visually set north!

Posted by MPEmbed – Overlay for Matterport Showcase on Thursday, October 11, 2018

Bug Fixes:

If you encountered some bug issues with setting certain showcase parameters to zero — it’s taken care of now! 🙂

MPEmbed previously viewed any setting that was set to ‘0’ as being ‘off’ — with the exception of &mt=0 — which had some programming put in place to allow.  I’ve retooled Premium to allow ‘0’ to be a valid value.

You’ll notice that ‘disable minimap’ and other options in premium that had a ‘Do not display’ option have had this option removed.  Now you can simply ‘uncheck’ the option to disable it.

Improved Photo Filter Transitions + Premium Support for Matterport Parameters

Improved Filter Transitions (Premium):

Filter transitions have been improved so that all filters cross-fade.  Previously, transitions would be instant when they were not simply brightness and contrast adjustments.  This has been fine tuned and for the most part, transitions are all quite smooth now!

Easier Access to Edit Saved Filters (Premium):

Saved filters are now found at the bottom of the ‘Custom Filters’ panel.  It’s better to keep everything filter related in one panel!

Smooth Transitions for Brightness, Whitebalance and Tint Filters

Nailed it! Now pano filters smoothly cross fade on entry — even with white balance and tint adjustments! So excited to have finally got this working right!!!!I've added some EXTREMELY UGLY filters to this tour to demonstrate:

Posted by MPEmbed – Overlay for Matterport Showcase on Saturday, October 6, 2018

Disable Parameters (Premium):

If your client (or someone else!) has embedded a space with MPEmbed and you would like to regain full control over how the space is configured, now you can!  You must embed your user id (mpu) as a hidden Mattertag and then turn on the ‘Disable Parameters’ option in the ‘Settings’ panel.

Set Matterport Parameters (Premium):

Premium users can now configure all of Matterport’s standard URL parameters in a simple user interface!  It’s never been easier to customize a Matterport Space!  Additionally, free users can embed any standard URL parameter into a Mattertag and it will also work!  🙂

MPEmbed now Opens in a New Tab on Mobile

MPEmbed spaces will now open in a new tab when viewed on mobile.  This replicates the behavior of Showcase, when embedded — and just like Showcase, can be bypassed with &play=1.

Multi-Floor Minimap

The MPEmbed Minimap gets an upgrade! Now you can see the previous floor at 50% opacity! Inspired by Craig Sauer and Michael Asgian’s tour of Mitchell Caverns.  Also &minimap=3 (Start Maximized) has been removed (sorry!).  This setting was problematic with initializing the zoom and resize controls.

Premium Beta – Thank you to all of the first adopters!  Lots of little changes happening as people have begun using this tool!  After we’re stable, the ‘Beta’ label will be taken off.  Problems thus far have been related to ‘Unlimited’ signups not actually processing credit cards, Professional accounts showing PHP code instead of forms (yikes) and a few helpful observations that have been shared that have required some adjustments on how premium spaces are shared.  Thank you to everyone who is doing more with MPEmbed! 🙂

MPEmbed Premium [Beta] is now available

MPEmbed Premium is currently in beta.

This means that it has not yet been tested with actual users.  If you would like to sign up, subscription options are now available starting at $9.95/mo!

Showcase Tile Size Fix (Update)

Showcase v3.0 presently has a bug wherein only 1k tiles are served when a tour is loaded.  Resizing the browser window or zooming in will initiate load of 2k and 4k tiles.  I added a fix a while back to this bug that would automatically resize the showcase frame to 99.9% then back to 100%.  This fix stopped working and I’ve fixed the fix 🙂  I’ve also reported it to Matterport.

Premium is going to be available on September 30, 2018.  I’m still working on the account system.  🙁

MPEmbed Premium [Demo] Redesign

&hotspotnumbers=1 – Show hotspot numbers on the mini map.  Numbering is in the order that scans were made.

MPEmbed Premium Demo – Massive UI overhaul moving option configuration into the About Panel and pano settings and color adjustments into the configurator column.  This allows users to always have access to all tools at once and improves accessibility on smaller screens.

MPEmbed Premium Demo

Everyone is now welcome to try out MPEmbed Premium!  Head over to the ‘Premium’ page to try a fully functional demo.

Google Analytics Bug Fix – Use of Google Analytics was causing MPEmbed’s overlay to fail to load.  This has been corrected.

Model Stats Panel

A new infobox panel has arrived!  If you’ve ever wanted to share some details about your space, such as the # of scans, # of 360 Views / 3D Views, # of Mattertags and # of labels, now you can!  &stats=1.  Just like with details, mdir and hdir, the number defines the order in which the panel appears, so you can combine with other panels — &details=1&mdir=2&stats=3&hdir=4.  If you set all 4 to ‘1’, stats shows last.

Analytics Rehaul

The logged output for Google Analytics has been standardized in a format that I hope will be more helpful.  In addition, bleeding edge support has been added for Adobe Analytics (&aa=ACCOUNTID).

These are the events that you can log with Google and Adobe Analytics with MPEmbed:

  • Event: Tour Loaded
  • Event: Enter Pano – Pano # / Pano ID
  • Event: Floor Change – Floor # / Floor Name
  • Button: Enter Fullscreen
  • Button: Exit Fullscreen
  • Button: Show Infobox
  • Button: Enter Mirror Mode (Premium)
  • Button: Exit Mirror Mode (Premium)
  • Button: Infobox – More
  • Button: Infobox – Less
  • Button: Infobox – Hide
  • Button: Infobox – Show
  • Mode Change: dollhouse, outside, inside, floorplan
  • Minimap: Clicked Pano # / Pano ID
  • Minimap: Minimize
  • Minimize: Show
  • Minimap: Minimize
  • Minimap: Hide
  • Guided Tour: Started
  • Guided Tour: Stopped
  • Guided Tour: Ended
  • Guided Tour: Step #
  • Effect: Confetti / Pano # / Pano ID (Premium)
  • Mattertag Directory: Click / Label / Tag ID
  • Mattertag Directory: Mobile / Label / Tag ID

With the premium version, Pano IDs can be replaced by custom labels.  It’s almost here 🙂

Minimap 2.0

The mini map that you’ve come to love is now going to love you right back!  If you ever felt that the minimap was a little bit unpredictable when using it, I am hoping that you will love today’s update!

  • When maximized, the mini map and it’s control buttons will not fade with the UI.
  • When maximized, you must click the ‘close’ arrow to close it (no more accidentally closing it!)
  • When maximized, you can now drag the map around by default.  Previously, this option was only available after zooming once.
  • When minimized, dragging is disabled.

Introducing Emotes: Confetti!

For my Premium BETA group – Added the ability to add confetti rain when entering a pano. 🙂

MPEmbed Premium – Confetti!

MPEmbed Premium will be introduce many new features – including the ability to throw confetti at your viewers. What features would you like to see created?

Posted by MPEmbed – Overlay for Matterport Showcase on Monday, September 10, 2018

Also – Large code restructuring done to improve performance and stability on load.

Improved About Panel Scrollbars & Inline Mattertag Display

Scrollbars on the highlight directory and mattertag directory now display by default.  Previously, they would only appear when a user would roll their mousewheel.

Mattertags in Infobox (&mt=0) – Removed link to provider for rich content and removed unnecessary space at bottom of window.

Bug Fix – MPEmbed with Dollhouse as Starting View

I have fixed a problem wherein MPEmbed would not initialize when dollhouse mode was disabled.  There is a problem with the SDK wherein it does not send a signal indicating that the tour has started playing under these conditions.  I’ve added a stop-gap solution that detects when a viewer has a location within the 3D tour that will initialize MPEmbed if it has not already started.

MPEmbed + WP3D Models

MPEmbed is now supported by WP3D Models! 

WP3D Models – Version 3.2 – MPEmbed & More!

Also … MPEmbed Premium is now in private BETA! – Interactive option configuration, creation of custom image filters, ability to assign filters to individual panos and the ability to select which hotspots to show on the minimap are all ready as the initial features on launch. Finally Gets it’s Own SDK Key!

For those who were paying close attention (or data mining), you may have noticed that was framed at  This was an unfortunate work-around as my SDK key was not setup to run with  That’s no longer the case!   For me, this is a huge day for celebration!

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Recent Updates

Things I Cannot Do Right Now

Mattertags cannot be opened via SDK.  This feature will be available VERY soon as well as the ability to instantly transition to where Mattertags are located instead of ‘flying’ to the point.  I’m waiting on the Showcase v3.0.6 / SDK v3.0.6 release to enable this.

I cannot change the URL that is shown when clicking the ‘share’ icon or hitting ‘u’ to get a deep link.

I cannot do anything to fix issues caused by the VR Modal Box, Terms of Service or Help Modal Boxes.