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Feature Requests, Changelog and Tentative Roadmap

MPEmbed Premium Demo

Everyone is now welcome to try out MPEmbed Premium!  Head over to the ‘Premium’ page to try a fully functional demo.

Google Analytics Bug Fix – Use of Google Analytics was causing MPEmbed’s overlay to fail to load.  This has been corrected.

Model Stats Panel

A new infobox panel has arrived!  If you’ve ever wanted to share some details about your space, such as the # of scans, # of 360 Views / 3D Views, # of Mattertags and # of labels, now you can!  &stats=1.  Just like with details, mdir and hdir, the number defines the order in which the panel appears, so you can combine with other panels — &details=1&mdir=2&stats=3&hdir=4.  If you set all 4 to ‘1’, stats shows last.

Analytics Rehaul

The logged output for Google Analytics has been standardized in a format that I hope will be more helpful.  In addition, bleeding edge support has been added for Adobe Analytics (&aa=ACCOUNTID).

These are the events that you can log with Google and Adobe Analytics with MPEmbed:

  • Event: Tour Loaded
  • Event: Enter Pano – Pano # / Pano ID
  • Event: Floor Change – Floor # / Floor Name
  • Button: Enter Fullscreen
  • Button: Exit Fullscreen
  • Button: Show Infobox
  • Button: Enter Mirror Mode (Premium)
  • Button: Exit Mirror Mode (Premium)
  • Button: Infobox – More
  • Button: Infobox – Less
  • Button: Infobox – Hide
  • Button: Infobox – Show
  • Mode Change: dollhouse, outside, inside, floorplan
  • Minimap: Clicked Pano # / Pano ID
  • Minimap: Minimize
  • Minimize: Show
  • Minimap: Minimize
  • Minimap: Hide
  • Guided Tour: Started
  • Guided Tour: Stopped
  • Guided Tour: Ended
  • Guided Tour: Step #
  • Effect: Confetti / Pano # / Pano ID (Premium)
  • Mattertag Directory: Click / Label / Tag ID
  • Mattertag Directory: Mobile / Label / Tag ID

With the premium version, Pano IDs can be replaced by custom labels.  It’s almost here 🙂

Minimap 2.0

The mini map that you’ve come to love is now going to love you right back!  If you ever felt that the minimap was a little bit unpredictable when using it, I am hoping that you will love today’s update!

  • When maximized, the mini map and it’s control buttons will not fade with the UI.
  • When maximized, you must click the ‘close’ arrow to close it (no more accidentally closing it!)
  • When maximized, you can now drag the map around by default.  Previously, this option was only available after zooming once.
  • When minimized, dragging is disabled.

Introducing Emotes: Confetti!

For my Premium BETA group – Added the ability to add confetti rain when entering a pano. 🙂

MPEmbed Premium – Confetti!

MPEmbed Premium will be introduce many new features – including the ability to throw confetti at your viewers. What features would you like to see created?

Posted by MPEmbed – Overlay for Matterport Showcase on Monday, September 10, 2018

Also – Large code restructuring done to improve performance and stability on load.

Improved About Panel Scrollbars & Inline Mattertag Display

Scrollbars on the highlight directory and mattertag directory now display by default.  Previously, they would only appear when a user would roll their mousewheel.

Mattertags in Infobox (&mt=0) – Removed link to provider for rich content and removed unnecessary space at bottom of window.

Bug Fix – MPEmbed with Dollhouse as Starting View

I have fixed a problem wherein MPEmbed would not initialize when dollhouse mode was disabled.  There is a problem with the SDK wherein it does not send a signal indicating that the tour has started playing under these conditions.  I’ve added a stop-gap solution that detects when a viewer has a location within the 3D tour that will initialize MPEmbed if it has not already started.

MPEmbed + WP3D Models

MPEmbed is now supported by WP3D Models! 

WP3D Models – Version 3.2 – MPEmbed & More!

Also … MPEmbed Premium is now in private BETA! – Interactive option configuration, creation of custom image filters, ability to assign filters to individual panos and the ability to select which hotspots to show on the minimap are all ready as the initial features on launch. Finally Gets it’s Own SDK Key!

For those who were paying close attention (or data mining), you may have noticed that was framed at  This was an unfortunate work-around as my SDK key was not setup to run with  That’s no longer the case!   For me, this is a huge day for celebration!

Polish Language Support + Tint as Hidden Mattertag

Polish UI Translation Available – We’re a little bit ahead of Matterport in offering this, but now &lang=pl will provide polish labels for all MPEmbed Elements.  (Courtesy: Marcin Baran)

Tint now works with Hidden Mattertags – You can customize the tint of MPEmbed’s UI elements with &tint=RRGGBB (i.e. &tint=FF0000 would be a very ugly red!).  All MPEmbed features can be implemented using Mattertags (see the docs) – but tint was not working!  Fixed!  (Courtesy: Inge Van Hoof)

Fly-to Mattertag Fixed when Dollhouse is Disabled

The Matterport SDK has a handly feature called ‘navigateToTag’.  In theory, this will move you directly to a Mattertag, however, it fails if there is no clear path between where you are standing and where the tag is.

I suspect that internally, this function is what happens when you CLICK on a Mattertag, therefore, when used via the SDK, it can only be expected to work if the tag would be clickable.

It is for this reason that MPEmbed does a few clever things to make it work.  When you click on a Mattertag Directory link, it will attempt to ‘navigateToTag’.

When MPEmbed determines that the desired outcome did NOT happen, it will then swap to dollhouse mode, because in dollhouse mode, all tags are accessible via a click.

A user wrote to me saying that it was not working and that MPEmbed became unstable when clicking on links.  I tried out their space and confirmed that this was true (and panicked!)

What I realized was that they had disabled the dollhouse feature.  For this reason, I have added ‘floorplan’ mode as a fallback for resolving Mattertag links.  In the case that both dollhouse and floorplan have been disabled, you’re currently out of luck and the Mattertag directory will gracefully not work.  No more

Multi-Floor Custom Mini Maps — and Forced use of https://

We’re in an https:// world and mixing https:// and http:// creates an error message in your browser.  We’re pointing users in the right direction by showing an error when a space loads if their hosted images are using an http:// url.  Standards, standards!

Multi-Floor Custom Mini Maps

Did you know that you can replace the minimap with your own?  Simply use &minimapurl=

If you would like to use multiple floors, label each file with 000.png (first floor), 001.png (second floor), 002.png (third floor).

Be sure that your custom mini map lines up with the generated one.  This can be tricky and you can read the docs to learn about &minimapoffset to fine tune if your map isn’t a 1:1 match.

The Return of Tooltips

At some point the tool tips that appeared when different elements were hovered stopped appearing.  I did not notice.

One of our user’s suggested that we add tool tips.  Now we have tooltips again.

Bug Fixes

Space Title now fades upon start

Before it faded after the dollhouse transition… which was kind of weird, right?

Highlight Reel Fixed

It stopped working.  Now it works again!  I love when people contact me and let me know 🙂

Labels on Mini Map Fixed

They were appearing under panoramas.  That’s not useful.  I fixed that.

Forced SSL for “logo” and “image” parameters

As Matterport Showcase requires a secure URL (https://), it is important that your custom logo or infobox image is also served via https.  While this is documented, a few of our users missed this and I am now filtering out non https URLs and showing a “friendly” error message.

Darker Background for Infobox Mattertags

Many users love the using &mdir=1&mt=0 to hide Mattertags in their space, but provide access to them in the infobox.  I’ve increased the weight of the background to add a bit more contrast and also enlarged the ‘Close’ button.  It was a little small before, wasn’t it?


Hidden Mattertag Support for Multi-Space Highlight Reels

The &reels= parameter — which allows you to combine highlight reels from multiple models into the highlight directory box — is an incredibly useful tool.  I have a client whose website only accommodates one embedded tour per location page.  Using the &reels parameter, I am able to link several tours together for a smooth experience.

I was a little bit baffled last night when I attempted to use a hidden mattertag to set this up.  It just wouldn’t work!  Ouch!  I located the problem — so simple!  If anyone else out there encountered this issue, I’d love to apologize for any hair loss it may have caused from scratching your head too much!

Log Mattertag Clicks with Google Analytics

Google Analytics integration now logs clicking on Mattertags!  This feature previously didn’t work.  I’m not sure if the SDK wasn’t behaving properly, but I had written the code and disabled it due to it not working.  I restored it and was pleasantly surprised that it was now working.  You should be pleasantly surprised too!

WP3D Models Support Coming Soon!

MPEmbed support for WP3D Models is now in a limited beta.  I am super excited as all free features of MPEmbed are supported and easily configured in an amazing way.  Ross Peterson has made Google Analytics integration seamless as well as tying in many other features.  I cannot wait for this to be released!

Caching Problems.

There were some issues with cached data not being refreshed.  This is now resolved!  &reels= is now working properly again too!

Showcase v3.0 has a Low Resolution Bug!

Some users may have noticed that Matterport Spaces that use MPEmbed do not look as crisp as tours that do not.  Some of those users may have also noticed that when you resize your browser window, that suddenly your tour will get sharper.

This is due to a bug in Showcase v3.0 that happens whenever a space is embedded in an iframe.  It loads 512k tiles and only 512k tiles.  By resizing the iframe, it will force Showcase to check what the best tile size is to serve.  I’ve added in code that automatically trips the ‘onresize’ function by ‘wiggling’ the iframe a little bit when each space loads.  You can’t tell that it’s doing this — all you’ll notice is that your tour is looking a lot better 🙂

Infobox Custom Order Fixed.

The ability to choose the order of the panels in the infobox was recently added and recently broken!

This has now been fixed with a quick rewrite.  (Thanks to Ross Peterson for discovering this!).

Showcase v3.0.3 Support & WP Matterport Shortcode Support

Matterport released Showcase v3.0.3 which contains several undocumented changes to how the SDK works along with some pretty exciting features.

Both the Mattertag Directory and the Minimap Hotspots were affected by changes to the SDK namespaces and these issues have been resolved with feedback to the team at Matterport.

WP Matterport Shortcode + MPEmbed

With WP Matterport Shortcode, you can embed Matterport Spaces in WordPress with a click-to-start thumbnail that opens your space above the site in a distraction-free mode.  It speeds up your site’s load time and allows you to rapidly build a responsive gallery with columns.  What’s even better is that you can use the plugin to apply MPEmbed settings to all of the tours in the gallery at once!

Oh, and here’s a preview of a feature that you will be seeing in premium:

Ever wanted two spaces for the price of one?  🙂  For apartments and homebuilders, it’s common to flip the orientation of a floorplan — so why not flip the orientation of a Matterport Space?  There’s still some work to do on fixing the UI elements 🙂

New ‘saturate’ Filter:

Oh, and I added &filter=saturate — 125% saturation.  &filter=oversaturate is 150% saturation and that’s sometimes a bit too much.

Fading UI Optimization + Sexy Scrollbars

The system default scrollbars in the Mattertag Directory and Highlights Directory have been replaced with some pretty sexy scrollbars that autohide – cleaning up the UI a bit more!

In addition, the fading UI has always been a little bit buggy.  I optimized and recoded it!  Half the code, twice the stability!

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Recent Updates

Things I Cannot Do Right Now

Mattertags cannot be opened via SDK.  This feature will be available VERY soon as well as the ability to instantly transition to where Mattertags are located instead of ‘flying’ to the point.  I’m waiting on the Showcase v3.0.6 / SDK v3.0.6 release to enable this.

I cannot change the URL that is shown when clicking the ‘share’ icon or hitting ‘u’ to get a deep link.

I cannot do anything to fix issues caused by the VR Modal Box, Terms of Service or Help Modal Boxes.