MPEmbed Free Version

Free features for the Matterport Community

What is MPEmbed Free Version?

MPEmbed is an overlay for Matterport Showcase.

Matterport Spaces are 3D Tours that you can navigate in your web browser.  When you interact with a Matterport Space, you are using a web-based application called ‘Matterport Showcase’.

MPEmbed adds new features to Matterport Showcase.

It does this by adding a layer where new features can be added including an enhanced About Box and a Minimap.  It also has the ability to add photo filters to the embedded space to increase saturation, adjust brightness and even correct whitebalance.

How do I Use MPEmbed (Free)?

The original, free and most common way to use MPEmbed is:

1. Take any normal Matterport link:

2. Change to


3. Add parameters to add new features:

MPEmbed has a Premium Version. 

Users love the free version of MPEmbed.  There’s nothing better than free, right?  The Premium Version takes MPEmbed to an entirely new level.  We don’t even know where to begin!  

First — it’s easier to use — you can visually configure all of the free options without needing to learn to use parameters and instantly see how your choices change the way that your tour appears.

Second — it takes the free features and makes them more powerful — for instance, you can create your own color filters and apply any number of color filters to whichever panoramas you choose.  Do you use the Mattertag directory feature?  You can sort and organize mattertags into custom menus.  It’s easy!

But perhaps most important — it introduces a massive new level of creation tools including creating audio and visual events that can triggered at any location in your tour.  You can add custom content to the highlight reel.  You can upload files to use in the tour overlay — and inside of Mattertags.  We’ve even added the ability to add custom 3D objects for power users!


Five ways to use MPEmbed:

URL Parameters


Hidden Mattertags


Matterport Shortcode

Free WordPress Plugin

WP3D Models

Premium WordPress Plugin

MPEmbed Premium

Starting at $9.95/mo

MPEmbed's Free Features

If you are familiar with Matterport Showcase, you may have already learned how to use Matterport’s URL Parameters.

MPEmbed works the same way.  Not only can you use all of Matterport’s standard parameters – you now have access to additional parameters that add MPEmbed’s overlay features.  Try any space with MPEmbed and add &minimap=1 to it! 🙂

Advanced About Panel

The Advanced About Panel adds tabs with new features.  Enable different panels with values of 1 to 4 to define their order:

&details=1Show the Details tab with standard Matterport Content + Address with Google Maps Link
&hdir=2Show the Highlights Reel tab (alternate way to display highlights)
&mdir=3Show the Mattertags Directory tab
&stats=4Show the Space Stats tab (# of Scans, # of 3D Scans, # of 360 Views, # of Mattertags, # of Labels)

Mattertags Panel Options

Add a search box to the Mattertags Directory Tab:

&mdirsearch=1Show the Mattertags Filter box in the Mattertag Directory tab

Show Mattertag Content in the Infobox

&mdir=1&mt=0Hide Mattertags in your 3D Space and show the contents in the Mattertag Panel when clicked.
&mdir=1&mt=1Show Mattertags and their contents in the 3D Space or the Mattertag Panel.

Custom Billboard

Shows Mattertags media in a new way.  Opens up the tag media in a large frame when clicked.

Add &custombillboard=1

Video Tutorials

MPEmbed - Matterport Developer Partner since 2018

Custom Logo by Title

Display a logo on the left side of your Matterport Spaces’s title. 
Image Size: 32 x 32, format:  PNG / JPG / SVG


Loading Logo

Display a logo on the start image and during space load.

Featured Image in Details Panel

Display a larger image at the beginning of the details panel.
Max Width: 330px, format: GIF / SVG / PNG / JPG



Display an interactive minimap with labels, mattertags and current position.
&minimap=1 Display mini map, start minimized.
&minimap=2 Display mini map, start closed.
&minimap=3 Display mini map, start maximized. Minimap Customizations
&minimaptags=1 Display Mattertags on the Minimap
&minimaprotation=1 Display rotation buttons for minimap
&minimapsetrotation=90 Rotate minimap by degrees (1 – 359)
&minimapnopano=1 Hide Panoramas from Minimap (Only show Labels / Mattertags)
&fadehotspots=1 Hide inactive Hotspots until mini map is hovered over.  Inactive hotspots display at 50% size. (Desktop Only)
&hotspots=2 1/2 Size Hotspots

Background color

Change the background color seen in dollhouse and floorplan mode.  Available colors: black (default), white and grey.


Color Filters

Adjust the colors on the entire tour and/or the minimap.

&filter and &minimapfilter
favorite Brightness 115%, Saturation 115%
lightenless Brightness 120%
lighten Brightness 140%
lightenmore Brightness 160%
darken Brightness 90%, Contrast 110%
darkenmore Brightness 75%, Contrast 125%
saturate Saturation 125%
oversaturate Saturation 150%
desaturate Saturation 75% / Brightness 115%
desaturatemore Saturation 50% / Brightness 115%
invert Invert Colors
blackandwhite Gray Scale
sepia Sepia
hueshift90 Rotates the Hue by 90 Degrees
hueshift180 Rotates the Hue by 180 Degrees
hueshift270 Rotates the Hue by 270 Degrees
reduceyellow Brightness 80%, Blue +20%

Image shows color settings in MPEmbed Premium to boost saturation and adjust white balance and tint by a margin.

This feature can come in handy to fix incorrectly darkened or brightened tours as well as to boost saturation as many come out a little bit dull.

Premium does not have a divided 2/up display mode.  Image is to show before/after only.

Background Music

Plays background music or an audio welcome and adds a music on/off icon. This feature will not work as expected with &play=1 due to browser security that prevents auto play of content.  If you do combine both, music will begin when any UI element is clicked — but not when the user begins navigating the space.  In other words, don’t use &play=1.
&bgmusic=https://… Filename of audio file (mp3, wav, or OGG)
&bgmusicloop=1 Loop background audio
&bgmusicvol=0.5 Set volume from 0.1 (10%) to 1 (100%)

User Interface Options

Customize more!

&fadeui=1Fade User Interface during movement.
&scaleui=1Increase user interface size to 150% for touch screens
&tint=RRGGBBChange the color of the user interface (Learn more)

Add Spaces to the Highlight Panel

If you would like to ‘bridge’ multiple tours together, MPEmbed’s highlight panel can  do this for you.  Simply list the space IDs with a | (pipe) separating them.


If you would like to show all of the highlights from these tours as well, add &spacereels=1. 

Google Analytics

Track every move and interaction within your space with Google Analytics. 


Visit and use as the website url that you wish to track data from.

We also have Adobe Analytics support (and need some user feedback / testers!)


Photographer Copyright

Custom brand your work with your photography copyright.  Like Street View.  Use %20 for a space (because spaces aren’t allowed in parameters).


Use Chinese CDN

Optimized server speeds for users in China.


Set Parameters With Hidden Mattertags

If you would like to use MPEmbed without creating a CRAZY long link, you can use hidden Mattertags to configure your tour.

One of the amazing advantages of using hidden Mattertags is that you can update a tour that is already embedded on your website or a client’s site.  

Simply create a Mattertag, type the parameter name as the title. (minimap), then use the details field to enter the desired value.  If you’re configuring the image or logo parameters, use the ‘media’ field instead.

Note – Premium users can configure tours via our member area, which is extremely fast and easy!

Please view these tutorial videos to see how it works!