Use Case for Matteport Resellers

MPEmbed Use Case



TickCad is a leading technology solutions provider based in Denmark, specializing in a wide range of software and hardware products for various industries.

As a valued regional partner, TickCad plays a significant role in the reselling and support of Matterport systems and MPEmbed software subscriptions within their region.

Their knowledgeable team provides expert guidance, support, and training to their local customers, ensuring they get the most out of these cutting-edge 3D virtual tour solutions.

The regional partnership with TickCad complements other regional partnerships, showcasing MPEmbed’s commitment to collaborating with local experts for tailored support and services.

Use Case
Leveraging MPEmbed to Enhance TickCad's Matterport Offerings

TickCad’s regional partnership with MPEmbed has greatly contributed to the success of their Matterport product line within their area.

By integrating MPEmbed’s powerful customization features into the virtual tours they create, TickCad can offer a superior experience to their regional clients.

These enhancements include custom branding, color schemes, advanced navigation options, and multimedia elements that elevate the interactive nature of the 3D models.

Extended Partner Support, Live Training, and Free Consultations:

To ensure that TickCad’s regional clients receive the best possible service, MPEmbed offers extended partner support tailored to the specific needs of TickCad’s customers within their region. This support includes live training sessions, guiding users through the advanced functionalities of MPEmbed, ensuring they can create stunning and immersive virtual tours.

Additionally, free consultations are provided to help regional users identify the best use cases for MPEmbed and Matterport in their industry. These consultations aid clients in understanding how MPEmbed’s features can be applied to their unique projects, maximizing the value of their Matterport investments.

Through this strategic regional partnership, TickCad and MPEmbed work hand-in-hand to provide an exceptional virtual tour experience for clients in their area. Local customers benefit from the expertise and support of both companies, enabling them to create impressive 3D models that set them apart in their respective industries.