MP Embed Roadmap

Feature Requests, Changelog and Tentative Roadmap

I Hear You!!!

Here is a list of feature requests:

  • Easier way to configure tours
    MP Embed Premium will have a full user interface, image upload for logos and header images, etc.
  • Different configurations for Mobile / Desktop
    A user asks if we can add separate mobile settings so that a tour shows a minimap on the desktop, but not mobile.  Interesting idea.  I’d prefer to make the mobile map experience worth keeping — but understand that as it is right now, it can be difficult to use on some screens.
  • Rotating to landscape mode causes overlap of panels
    Investigating.  It is likely that the infoboxes will not be viewable on landscape mode, or will need to move to a column layout.
  • Too many hotspots
    Large tours have too many hotspots that overlap.  I’ve added a feature to shrink the hotspots to 1/2 size (&hotspots=2).  Premium will allow you to customize which hotspots appear.
  • Rotate the Minimap
    WIP -&minimaprotate=90, &minimaprotate=180 &minimaprotate=270.  On some maps, this works well.  On some, the map moves uncomfortably off screen.  This is because my method of facilitating this involved taking a major short cut and I need to go back in and do things programmatically instead of cheating with CSS 🙂
  • Follow On Zoom
    When zoomed in, center map based on current pano.
  • Animated GIF / Custom oEmbed/OpenGraph Start Image
    We already have animated GIFs working — (Premium)
  • Different / Custom Start Image
  • WP3D Models Support
    Ross Peterson will be adding support soon.
  • WP Matterport Shortcode Support
    I maintain this free plugin and will be introducing mpembed to it after Premium launches… 
  • GDPR Compliance
    Not sure what this would entail, but this will be investigated.
  • Get a Proper SDK Key
    This my own personal feature request.  The current SDK key is for, thus I’m framing a frame within a frame in order to run this all through — Getting a proper SDK key will reduce the # of iframes being used and remove ‘’ from fullscreen mode browser messages.
  • Please take my money
    While deriving revenue from MPEmbed is a goal for sustainability, it is not THE goal of the project.  The ability to pay for premium features will be made available when premium features are ready.

Change Log

5/15/18 – Improved French Translation (Thank you, Benoit Penicaut)

5/14/18 – Mini Map Enhancements

  • You can zoom into the minimap with the mouse wheel and drag the floorplan around as well as resize the map box with the lower left handle.
  • You can now adjust the position of the panos for use on custom maps that are not proportional to the generated map.  &minimapoffset=w,h,x,y (width, height, x offset, y offset).  All values are in %.  This feature is definitely for the PROs out there as correctly moving your pano map and aligning it will take some tweaking.  If you are familiar with using your browser’s debug tools, you can fine tune by playing with the CSS and seeing the live preview as you do this.  Premium will have a GUI for this!

5/13/18 – Resizeable Mini Map!

  • Minimap now features a draggable resize handler on the bottom left!
  • Image in details box is now responsive on mobile screens.

5/9/18 – Bring your own map!

  • 1/2 Size Hotspots – &hotspots=2
  • Minimap on mobile/portrait mode fixes
  • You can now swap the generated map with your own


  • Minimap – Rewrote the algorithms for calculating the visibility of panoramas while changing floors.  The SDK now provides the associated floor for each pano (aka ‘sweep’), however, simply using this data would prevent the appearance of nearby panorama hotspots that would enable a visitor to click a nearby panorama that is set to the next floor.  Therefore I have also included all nearby neighbors with a threshold of 2 meters.  Nearby neighbors on assigned to different floors appear as slightly smaller blue hotspots.
  • Infobox – Reduced maximum height of infobox to allow more room for the floor changing button.

Past Updates:

  • 4/28/18 – Adjusted opacity of inactive tabs.
  • 4/21/18 – Added mousewheel zoom to the minimap; Renamed ‘Close Tag’ to ‘Close’ and moved from bottom left to top right of window for &mt=0 mode; Added a secret code (‘d e b u g’)
  • 4/17/18 – &minimap=3 – Starts minimap maximized.
  • 4/15/18 – Added an interactive url builder to the homepage; &filter=darken changed from 80% to 90% with 10% Contrast; &filter=darkenmore changed from 60% to 75% with 25% contrast
  • 4/10/18 – Fixed a bug where the minimap bounding box would extend beyond the map and block navigation interaction.
  • 4/7/18 – Added – Darken Filter (Thanks, Gerald Smith); Removed – &filter=blue, &filter=lum and &filter=killyellow (awww) — Filters now work consistently on all browsers (Except IE); Removed debug code that showed a message when clicking on the active pano in the minimap (Thanks, Isabel Wang); Fixed – &fadehotspots disabled on tablets and mobile correctly (Thanks, Gerald Smith); Passes — except for allow=”vr” (Thanks, Google for enforcing non-standards); Fixed a bug that caused MPEmbed’s overlay to fail since yesterday (Sorry)
  • 4/3/18 – Added &fadehotspots=1 for large tours with many panos.  This will automatically fade out inactive hotspots on desktop when the map is not hovered as well as shrinking the hotspots to half their size until hovered individually.   Bug fixes: Fixed tour spinning out of control when looking down; Fixed &copyright (conflict with debug box); Fixed MiniMap position on smaller screens to not overlap
  • 4/2/18 – Updated debug box with full parameters list, minimapfilter selection and fixed debug minimap toggle.  oEmbed bug fixes.  Figured out why oEmbed doesn’t work in WordPress for Matterport or oEmbed
  • 3/29/18 – Added XML support for oEmbed.
  • 3/28/18 – Tour Title appears on click-to-start screen; Fixed mobile browser detection; MPEmbed works on iOS / Safari and Chrome again.  (Adds &play=1 to bypass opening in a new window); Added a click-to-start start screen for mobile; Added ‘reset’ button next to Mattertag Directory filter; Added oEmbed support! (See it in action with the insert media from URL option in WordPress)
  • 3/26/18 – Showcase v3.01. BETA replaces v3.0.0 BETA (new dollhosue transitions, lighter background behind terms).  Minimap fixed as the method for generating the vr minimap image url changed.
  • 3/25/18 – New Feature – Mattertag content displays in the infobox when hidden in the space (&mt=0).  Killer feature;  Mobile Mattertag Directory is now alphabetized in drop down list; renamed ‘directory’ to ‘highlights’; UI no longer fades when clicking on a highlight reel entry in the ‘highlights’ tab; Added translations of ‘Details’, ‘Highlights’, ‘Tags’ and ‘Presented by’ in all supported languages using Google Translate.
  • 3/24/18 – Infobox – Tabs no longer appear when only one panel is selected (i.e. &info=mdir), fixed showing first available infobox panel if ‘details’ is not enabled; expanded hit target area for arrow buttons in top corners and minimap hotspots.
  • 3/23/18 – Mattertag Directory now has colored icons based on the Mattertag color — plus filtering box (add mdirfilter to info panels)
  • 3/22/18 – Minimap toggle now appears at the same time as the map (and doesn’t appear if minimap is disabled)
  • 3/21/18 – Added ‘minimapfilter’ parameter.  Apply any filter to the mini map (&minimapfilter=blackandwhite) for instance.
  • 3/19/18 – New website with MP.Embed Premium membership sign up added. (not available to use yet)
  • 3/18/18 – Added ‘image’ support in details box.
  • 3/17/18 – Removed default Google Analytics UUID (my UUID)
  • 3/16/18 – Added OpenGraph / Twitter tag; Added copyright feature to bottom right of player.
  • 3/15/18 – Optimized UI for mobile. Mobile dropdowns added for hotspots and Mattertags.
  • 3/14/18 – Added UI fading during movement; Added support for Chinese Servers.
  • 3/13/18 – Public Beta Launches – Added support for parameters via Mattertags; Changed several parameters
  • 3/12/18 – New UI with tabbed infobox box. Removed hdirectory and mdirectory params.
  • 3/11/18 – Labels now display on the mini map!
  • 3/7/18 – Fixed floorplan from exceeding window height when expanded. Restored Native UI icon for Full Screen.
  • 3/6/18 – Google Analytics (&ga=UID) implemented
  • 3/5/18 – MP.Embed private beta launches.

Things I Cannot Do at the Moment.

  • Mattertags cannot be opened via SDK.  I’ve requested this feature.
  • I cannot change the URL that is shown when clicking the ‘share’ icon or hitting ‘u’ to get a deep link.
  • I cannot do anything to fix issues caused by the VR Modal Box, Terms of Service or Help Modal Boxes.
  • I cannot add full screen for iOS/Safari.   It isn’t supported ( and if there was an intelligent work around, I’m sure that BigScreen would support it (
  • You need to disable the highlight’s reel in order to make full screen work.  I cannot detect when the highlight reel is open.  This moves the UI’s full screen button.  That messes up MPEmbed’s full screen hit target.