Do More with Your Matterport Spaces

MP/embed is a powerful skin that adds new features to any Matterport Space.   It’s very easy to use.

There’s a free version with many great features and a premium version that does even more!

Free Features:

Interactive Mini Map

With Hotspots, Mattertags, Measurements and Labels.

Google Analytics

Track actions within your tour and view interaction in realtime.

Photo Filters

Boost the brightness and saturation of your tour or add novelty effects.

Mattertag Directory

An interactive list of all of your space's Mattertags.

Mattertag Content Box

Show Mattertag content in a panel instead of a floating box.

Background Music

Add background music to your space with a play/stop button

Multi-Space Tours

Add thumbnails to other spaces within your tour's highlight reel.

Extended Language Support

Experience Matterport Showcase in Italian!

2X UI for Large Displays

Increase the size of Showcase's UI for better appearance on large screens.

Immersive Mode

Re-enable Showcase's fading user interface during motion.

Custom Menu Colors

Change Showcase's menus from black to whatever color you'd like!

Social Sharing

Share on Facebook or Twitter with tour thumbnail and title.

How does it work?

Change ‘’ to ‘’:

https:// /show/?m=JGPnGQ6hosj

Add features with parameters: &minimap=1&mdir=1&lang=it

Read the documentation to learn about all of the features offered by MPEmbed Free.

What does it look like?

MPEmbed looks just like Matterport Showcase because it is a custom skin that overlays your tour and adds new features.

MPEmbed is designed to look and feel like a natural extension of Matterport Showcase that adds amazing new features such as a mini map, Mattertag directories, background music and image adjustments (brightness, contrast, saturation, etc.)

Check out the following tour, enhanced with a Minimap with Hotspots and Mattertags, Custom Logo by Presented by Details, Mattertag Directory, Compass, Custom Copyright in Fine Print

This is all possible with MPEmbed

WP3D Models Integration

WP3D Models is a WordPress Plugin that offers full support for all MPEmbed parameters and seamlessly integrates together!  It’s never been easier to use MPEmbed!

WP Matterport Shortcode

WP Matterport Shortcode is a lightweight solution for quickly embedding an MP/Embed space into a WordPress site.  It supports all Matterport and MP/Embed parameters.

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