MPEmbed - An Overlay for Matterport Showcase

An Alternate User Interface Experience

MPEmbed Features

MPEmbed replaces the Showcase user interface with an alternate version with these features:

Mini Map

Interactive map with current location, labels, mattertags, measurements and hotspots. Zoom, Resize and Pan!

Google Analytics

Track actions within your tour and view interaction in realtime.

Global Photo Filters

Boost the brightness and saturation of your tour or add novelty effects.

Mattertag Directory

Display a searchable navigation directory for Mattertags with click to move to each tag.

Mattertag Content Panel

Display MatterTag content in the about panel when Mattertag visibility is turned off.

Background Music

Add background music to your space with a play/stop button

Enlarged UI for Massive Displays

Scale the size of the About Panel and the UI buttons for display on massive touchscreens.

Multi-Space Highlights Directory

Show Highlights as a navigation directory -- and join highlight reels from multiple tours.

Extended Language Support

Experience Matterport Showcase in Italian! More coming soon!

Photographer Attribution

Show a custom photographer's copyright beside the Matterport copyright and terms links.

Fixed UI

Completely stop the user interface from automatically fading during navigation.

Social Sharing

Share on Facebook or Twitter with tour thumbnail and title.

oEmbed Support

Embed by pasting the url in any site that supports oEmbed. WordPress helper plugin available.

It's Free

MPEmbed is free, but there is a premium version available with many more features.

About MPEmbed

Matterport 3D Showcase is the leading platform for displaying 360 virtual tours.  By blending true 3D models with panoramic images, the walkthrough experience simulates distance and smoothly transitions.  It’s pretty awesome.

Matterport 3D Showcase has an excellent user interface and MPEmbed extends the functionality by rebuilding all aspects of the user interface with additional components.

MPEmbed does not make modifications to your tour, rather it overlays a new interface that uses the Matterport SDK to interact with your tour, allow image adjustments and add new features!

MPEmbed vs MPEmbed Premium

All of the features are available in the free version of MPEmbed.

But there’s even more in MPEmbed Premium.

The philosophy behind MPEmbed vs MPEmbed Premium is that any feature that can simply be turned on is a ‘Free’ feature.  Any feature that requires configuration through the ‘Premium Configurator’ is a premium feature.

MPEmbed Premium has a monthly fee, starting at $9.95/mo.  If you cancel, you lose access to the configurator and premium features.  Your links will still work.

How MPEmbed Works:

1. Take any normal Matterport link:

2. Change the domain name to mpembed:

3. Add parameters to add new features:

Read the documentation to learn about all of the features offered by MPEmbed Free.

MPEmbed is free.  The FREE version has lots of amazing features that add value to Matterport Spaces via the Showcase SDK. 

MPEmbed Premium version does even more.

Example: Minimap with Hotspots and Mattertags, Custom Logo by Presented by Details, Mattertag Directory, Compass, Custom Copyright in Fine Print

WP3D Models Integration

WP3D Models is a WordPress Plugin that offers full support for all MPEmbed parameters and seamlessly integrates together!  It’s never been easier to use MPEmbed!

WP3D Models – Version 3.2 – MPEmbed & More!

WP Matterport Shortcode

WP Matterport Shortcode is a lightweight solution for quickly embedding an MPEmbed space into a WordPress site.  It supports all Matterport and MPEmbed parameters.

WP Matterport Shortcode

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