Enhance Your Matterport Spaces

Add amazing features powered by the Matterport SDK.

Mini Map

Interactive map with current location, labels and clickable hotspots. Zoom, Resize and Pan!

Mattertag Directory

Display a searchable navigation directory for Mattertags with click to move to each tag.

Rich Mattertag Navigation

Display MatterTag content in the infobox when Mattertag visibility is turned off.

Highlights Directory

Show Highlights as a navigation directory -- and join highlight reels from multiple tours.

Photo Filters

Boost the brightness and saturation of your tour or add novelty effects.

Google Analytics

Track actions within your tour and view interaction in realtime.

oEmbed Support

Embed by pasting the url in any site that supports oEmbed. WordPress helper plugin available.

Social Sharing

Share on Facebook or Twitter with tour thumbnail and title. Animated GIF support coming!

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Embed Code Generator

Get started with some of MPEmbed’s most popular features using our Embed Code Generator. 

You can learn about additional features on the How it Works page.

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Infobox Images

Mini Map

Photo Filters
Additional Features


This is just a simple demo of some of the most popular features that MPEmbed has!  Be sure to read the documentation to read about more.