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WP Matterport Shortcode

MPEmbed & Matterport WordPress Plugin

A FREE WordPress Plugin for Embedding Matterport Showcase Spaces with full MPEmbed Support
It’s SEO friendly and spaces will launch in a distraction-free window above your site.


How it works

After installing the plugin, you can use a shortcode on any page or post on your WordPress site to display a gallery of Matterport spaces:

Single Tour Example:

[matterport src="uKDy9xrMRCi" width="900"]
Note : premium users must add the parameter mpu="" and enter your MPEmbed User ID between the double quotes in order to load up your configuration files.

Tour Gallery:

[matterport cols="3" src="uKDy9xrMRCi,wV4vX743ATF"]
Embed without Pop-Up:
[matterport embed="true" src="uKDy9xrMRCi" width="900"]

Embed with Labels:

[matterport cols="3" src="uKDy9xrMRCi,wV4vX743ATF" showdate="true" address="1" showstats="1"]

Embed with Parameters:

[matterport cols="3" src="uKDy9xrMRCi,wV4vX743ATF" qs="1" hhl="1" showtitle="2"]

Embed with MPEmbed Parameters:

[matterport cols="3" src="uKDy9xrMRCi,wV4vX743ATF" qs="1" minimap="1" filter="oversaturate"]

Glossary of parameters

Plugin-Specific Parameters

src (required)

  • uKDy9xrMRCi – (Single Tour by ID)
  • uKDy9xrMRCi,uKDy9xrMRCi,uKDy9xrMRCi – (Multiple tours by ID separated by commas)
  • – Full URL (unnecessary, but supported)
  • – Full MPEmbed URL (if you’re using Mattertags to set options or MPEmbed Premium)


  • 1 (default) – Show tour(s) in single column
  • 2, 3, 4 – Show tour(s) in multiple columns


  • false (default) – Display tour in lightbox popup on click
  • true – Replace thumbnail with tour on click


  • 960 (default) – Thumbnails load at 960 width and display responsively
  • 640 (default for cols=2 or greater)
  • ### – Set alternate width


  • 540 (default) – Thumbnails load at 540 height and display responsively
  • 360 (default for cols=2 or greater)
  • ### – Set alternate height — IT IS NOT NECESSARY TO SET BOTH WIDTH AND HEIGHT.
  • NULL (default) – Open tours in an overlay
  • _blank – Open tours in a blank tab/window
  • customname – Open tours in an embedded iframe by id


  • Explore 3D Space – Replace ‘Explore 3D Space’ message with custom message.


  • NULL (default) – Source titles from Tour
  • “My Tour” – Use shortcode defined title on tour
  • “My Tour;My Second Tour;My Third Tour” – Use multiple titles separated by semicolons for multiple tours
  • “hidden” – Do not show titles or any information below tour.


  • NULL (default) – Do not show address
  • 1 – Show caption beneath thumbnail with Street, City, State ZIP


  • 3 – Force Showcase 3.0 for a space that is configured to display with Showcase 2.0.  (MPEmbed also forces Showcase 3.0)


  • NULL (default) – Do not show date.
  • true – Show date of upload to in caption
  • modified – Show last modified date in caption


  • NULL (default) – Do not show # of Scans
  • 1 – Show # of Scans after address in caption

Below is a list of all of the Matterport URL Parameters.  There are no surprises here.  You can use all of them with WP Matterport Shortcode.

Please refer to the ‘DOCS’ page on this site for a list of all support MPEmbed (Free) Parameters.  They are exactly the same.



  • NULL (default) – Help is shown on first visit only
  • 0 – Do not show help at all
  • 1 – Always show help when the Matterport Space opens.
  • 2 – Always show help when the Matterport Space opens. More concise help text than help=1.


  • 0 – Briefly show the highlight reel upon launch before hiding. (default if reel has no 360 views)
  • 1 – Keep the highlight reel visible upon launch. (default if reel does have 360 views)


  • 0 (default) – Show Highlight Reel
  • 1 – Hide Highlight Reel


  • 0 (default) – Disable Quickstart (when the Matterport Space first opens, zoom in from Dollhouse View)
  • 1 – Enable Quickstart (when the Matterport Space first opens, go straight into Inside View). Only works if Start Position is Inside View. Learn more.


  • -1 (default) – Number of seconds after initial fly-in before the Guided Tour automatically starts. Help is not shown. Set to a negative number to not start the Guided Tour.



  • 0 – Hide ‘Presented By’ details when Space opens. Hide contact details in the About Panel (top-left grey corner of 3D Showcase).


  • 0 – Hide Dollhouse View in introductory fly-in. Hide Dollhouse Button in bottom left corner. Hides dollhouse / floorplan view snapshots in highlight reel.


  • 0 – Hide Guided Tour buttons in the bottom left corner of the 3D Showcase UI


  • 0 – Hide Highlight Reel at the bottom of the 3D Showcase UI


  • 1 – Show the MLS-friendly version of the Matterport Space. This removes branding, removes links in Mattertag™ Posts, and removes VR.
  • 2 – Same behavior as &mls=1 but also removes the About Panel in the top-left corner after loading


  • 0 – Space title is not displayed. Top-left about panel not displayed.
  • 1 (default) – Space title is display. Top-left about panel is displayed.
  • 2 – Space title is not displayed. Top-left about panel is displayed.



  • 0 – Remove the option to switch floors. This treats the Matterport Space as “all one floor”.


  • en (default) – Shows the 3D Showcase UI in American English
  • es – Shows the 3D Showcase UI in Spanish
  • fr – Shows the 3D Showcase UI in French
  • de – Shows the 3D Showcase UI in German
  • ru – Shows the 3D Showcase UI in Russian
  • cn – Shows the 3D Showcase UI in Chinese
  • jp – Shows the 3D Showcase UI in Japanese
  • it – Shows the 3D Showcase UI in Italian (MPEmbed Only)


  • 0 – Ignore scroll wheel input from the mouse. Scroll wheel input will cause the entire webpage to move up and down. This parameter is only valid when the Space is embedded with an iframe.



  • NULL (default) – Enable zooming in 3D Showcase
  • 1 – Disable zooming in 3D Showcase


  • 2 (default – 200%) – Set maximum zoom


  • 1 (default – 100%) – Set minimum zoom


  • 1 (default) – Smooth Zoom
  • 2 – Experimental Zoom Effect



  • 0 – Do not show the path to the next highlight.
  • 1 (default) – For Guided Tours with walkthrough transitions, show the blue path on the ground to the next highlight.


  • 0 – Do not pan when you reach a new highlight in a Guided Tour.
  • 1 (default) – Gently pan once you reach a new highlight in a Guided Tour.


  • 0 (default) – Stop once you reach the end of the Guided Tour.
  • 1 – Loop back to the beginning once you reach the end.


  • 0 – For Guided Tours with walkthrough transitions, use the 3D mesh when transitioning between highlights.
  • 1 (default) – Use 2D panorama imagery during transitions (mesh-free transitions).


  • 3500 (default) – Number of milliseconds to wait at each highlight during a guided tour.


  • 0 – No call to action at the end of a a Guided Tour
  • 1 (default) – Large call to action at the end of a Guided Tour
  • 2 – Small call to action at the end of a Guided Tour



  • 0 – Hide the VR button


  • 1 – Opens the Space in a limited mode by itself. Users cannot navigate to other Spaces in the Matterport VR app. This is the same limited mode that is used in VR Collections.



  • Custom start point — hit ‘U’ while viewing a tour to get this link and copy the ‘start’ parameter.