MPEmbed Premium [Beta]

Visually Configure / Add Pano Events / Do More.

Custom Filters
Visually Configure Options
Apply options to each panorama

MPEmbed Premium [Beta] - Demo

Experience MP Embed Premium before buying.  All features of the Editor are available, but you will be unable to save changes to a space.


MPEMBED Premium Features


Visually configure MPEmbed's options.

Set Matterport URL Parameters

Explore and configure all standard Matterport Parameters. It's never been easier!

Disable Parameters / Lock Settings

Disable Parameters and embed your username as a Mattertag to take control of wherever your enhanced tour is embedded.

Custom Image Filters

Interactively create custom filters and apply them globally or to individual panos.

Mattertag Directory Sorting

It's as easy as drag and drop!

Tour Compass

Set North and show real-world orientation.

Hotspot Labels

Show a text label when hovered.

Hotspot Visibility

Simplify your minimap by hiding hotspots.

Horizontal Flip

Use the same tour to show alternate orientations of an apartment or new home.

Vertical Flip

Because ... it's amusing to walk upside down?


Celebrate when a user enters a particular pano by throwing confetti.

Create Multiple Versions

Build multiple overlays for the same tour to present in different ways!

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Panorama Titles

Show Hotspot Labels as an overlay when entering into a panorama.

Text to Speech

Narration when entering panoramas.

Customized Analytics

Control which events are logged to Analytics (Adobe, Google)

Import / Export

Copy MPEmbed Settings from one tour to the next. Perfect for Versions.

Things that would be nice to add...

On the Drawing Board (All Premium Users):
  • MPEmbed UI v2.0 – I have additional ideas for the UI to accomodate more features and make use of a sidebar with a widget system that can show widgets based on panoramas that are being viewed.
  • Panorama Titles – Add titles to panoramas that appear while navigating to provide contextual information while the viewer is navigating — as simple as a title – but maybe additional text too.
  • Text to Speech Narration – Allow ‘titles’ to be ‘read’ with browser based text to speech.  This feature was in ‘MatterPlus’, a hack that I wrote and debuted on December 2016 — this feature would be fun to bring back.
  • Mattertag Categories – Create Folders to sort Mattertags into.
  • Custom Start Screen – Custom Logo and Text Area
  • Mini Map Builder – Upload custom maps — even schematic floorplans.  Add 360 View Hotspots.
  • Tour redirect – If a tour is embedded on a client’s site, but you reupload a new copy to, the URL changes.I’d like to painlessly allow you to keep the URL you had and change which tour displays.
  • Screen Recording Mode – Automatically remove all branding and extend viewable area off the screen to push UI elements out of the picture to allow easy screen recording.
  • Usability / Work Arounds – The Highlight Reel and the Help / VR Popups are problematic for some MPEmbed elements and I am searching for solutions around this.
On the Drawing Board (Pro / Unlimited Users):

  • eCommerce Integration – Use of Hidden Mattertags to integrate with Amazon, Shopify, Houzz, etc. — place Mattertags on products with store links and when in proximity to Mattertag, a shop sidebar can appear.  This would be able to support multiple store types — might even be as simple as using vendors that are supported by  Showcase SDK v3.06 will add more Mattertag features including automatically opening tags and immediately moving to tags that might be interesting ….  it might also be fun to run the Wal*Mart home scan through MPEmbed and automate enhancement of it using the Wal*Mart links….

  • Image Hosting / Upload / Storage – Upload your logo, featured image, custom mini maps and teaser GIF files to use with other features.

  • Animated GIF Thumbnails – Add your teaser GIFs for Facebook Embed

Future Add-Ons

Screen Share

Watch the tour as it is being navigated by a visitor. Take control with permission. Live Chat.  Take custom snapshots during shared tour to send to viewer.

Tour Proofing

Creating snapshots while viewing the tour and writing notes in order to privately annotate.  Would be useful for quality assurance — writing notes about mesh issues, scan issues, etc.

Custom Space Events

  • Create Pano Events – Visually select panos and add actions on enter, leave, or rotational position.
  • Create Area Events – Visually select groups of panos to create an area to attach events to.
  • Create Highlight Reel Events – Add overlaid content that appears during the guided tour!
  • Event – 3D Sound – Volume increases and decreases with proximity and direction
  • Event – Tour Guides – Add text or multimedia overlays to panos or areas. (Embedly or custom iframe)
  • Event – Auto Mattertag – Automatically open Mattertags (SDK does not currently support)

Visual Space Statistics

  • Visual Heat Map – See which panos have the most views.
  • Visitor Replay – Watch a visitor’s interaction with your space.
  • Basic Space Statistics – Total Impressions, Views, Unique Impressions, Unique Views, Average # of Panos Viewed, Average Time Spent in Space
  • Advanced Space Statistics – Total # of Views per Pano, Viewers by Geographic Region, Viewers by Browser / OS / Device, MatterTag Statistics
  • Mattertag Statistics – # of Views per Mattertag, Average length of viewing per Mattertag, etc.
  • Email Digests – Send email digests to your clients with statistics. Create custom templates / pick which stats to send.