MP Embed Premium

Advanced Features. Easy-to-Use Administration.

What is MP Embed Premium?

MP Embed is a FUTURE product that IS under development.

MP Embed is free.  You can use use it to enhance your spaces.  You can set options with parameters and hidden Mattertags.

MP Embed Premium is not free.  It has a cool administration area where you can configure features with relative ease.  It will be available at a low monthly fee to start. 

MP Embed Premium is under development.

Premium Roadmap

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June 26, 2018 Update

Work is being done on the Premium UI as well as building the ‘Configurator’.  I’ve restructured MPEmbed’s features and how they are implemented so that parameters, hidden mattertags and ‘configurator’ options work together seamlessly.  I’m quite pleased.  Adding new features to the free version is fun and easy — but moving building a platform takes a lot of work.  The idea is that once the platform is functional, then adding ‘premium’ features will also be easy to do rapidly and I can then launch!  Super exciting.

AUGUST 2018 – Premium – Early Adopter Version
  • Configurator – Easily configure MPEmbed’s options and see changes live.
  • Minimap Hotspot Visibility – Customize which hotspots are visible on the minimap.
  • Space Events – Photo Filters – Apply photo filters to each panorama.  You can use this to color correct specific areas of your tour.
  • Custom Filters – Create your own photo  filter presets.
  • Google Analytics Customization – Select which events you want to log and how they will appear.
  • Custom Start Screen – Custom Logo and Text Area


  • Image Upload / Storage – Upload your logo, featured image, custom mini maps and teaser GIF files to use with other features.
  • Mini Map Builder – Upload custom maps — even schematic floorplans.  Add 360 View Hotspots.
  • Animated GIF Thumbnails – Add your teaser GIFs for Facebook Embed
  • Mattertag Directory – Custom sort order, custom icons, categorization with tree structure.  Potentially group by colors.
  • Highlight Directory – Custom sort order
  • Tour redirect – If a tour is embedded on a client’s site, but you reupload to because of updating the tour or making bug fixes, we’d like to painlessly allow you to keep the URL you had and change which tour displays.
  • Custom Start Screen – Add a custom start box with a welcome message or instructions.

December 2018 – Early Adopter Pricing Ends

Early adopter pricing ends upon completion of roadmap. (Price increases from $5/mo or $49.95/yr to $10/mo or $99.95/yr).

Future Add-Ons

Screen Share

  • Watch the tour as it is being navigated by a visitor. Take control with permission. Live Chat.  Take custom snapshots during shared tour to send to viewer.

Tour Proofing

Creating snapshots while viewing the tour and writing notes in order to privately annotate.  Would be useful for quality assurance — writing notes about mesh issues, scan issues, etc.

Custom Space Events

  • Create Pano Events – Visually select panos and add actions on enter, leave, or rotational position.
  • Create Area Events – Visually select groups of panos to create an area to attach events to.
  • Create Highlight Reel Events – Add overlaid content that appears during the guided tour!
  • Event – 3D Sound – Volume increases and decreases with proximity and direction
  • Event – Tour Guides – Add text or multimedia overlays to panos or areas. (Embedly or custom iframe)
  • Event – Enter Pano from Guided Tour
  • Event – Auto Mattertag – Automatically open Mattertags (SDK does not currently support)

Visual Space Statistics

  • Visual Heat Map – See which panos have the most views.
  • Visitor Replay – Watch a visitor’s interaction with your space.
  • Basic Space Statistics – Total Impressions, Views, Unique Impressions, Unique Views, Average # of Panos Viewed, Average Time Spent in Space
  • Advanced Space Statistics – Total # of Views per Pano, Viewers by Geographic Region, Viewers by Browser / OS / Device, MatterTag Statistics
  • Mattertag Statistics – # of Views per Mattertag, Average length of viewing per Mattertag, etc.
  • Email Digests – Send email digests to your clients with statistics. Create custom templates / pick which stats to send.