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Premium Features:

Visually Customize

Take Control


Visually configure MPEmbed's options.

Set Matterport URL Parameters

Visually configure all standard Matterport Parameters.

Custom UI Text

Customize any MPEmbed UI and Analytics text.

White label

Personalize the URL of your spaces to yours including multiple white label options.

Create Multiple Versions

Build multiple configurations for different use-cases.

Space Proxies

Keep the same MPEmbed URL, change the tour that displays.

Disable Parameters / Lock Settings

Add your user ID in a Mattertag and lock your settings.

Insert 3D Elements

Add clickable media and triggers

Video walls

Display videos and/or images in frames on your space walls.

Clickable 3D Objects

Insert GLB files with clickable media anywhere in your tour.

Clickable 3D Text

Add floating clickable 3D text with clickable media.

Clickable media zones

Add clickable media zones on any object in your tour.

3D file viewer

Show 3D files in any mattertag.

3D models in VR mode

3D models are supported in Occulus Quest 2 VR headset.

Media library

File uploads and hosting. Reuse files from one space to the other.

Disable Parameters / Lock Settings

Add your user ID in a Mattertag and lock your settings.

Pano to pano media

Trigger media when stepping on a sweep/pano.

Native video player

Native video player for mattertags and sweeps/panos.

Visual Enhancements

Create Custom Image Filters

Visually set brightness, contrast, hue, whitebalance and more!

Set Image Filters for Each Pano

Build multiple configurations for different use-cases.

Use Custom Image Filters on Mini Map

Apply a custom image filter to modify the minimap.

Blur Transitions

Add a configurable speed blur to transitions between panos.

Panorama Actions

Announcement Text

Display text when entering panos for storytelling.

Text-to-Speech for Announcements

Hear announcements read aloud - supports multiple accents / dialects when used in Chrome with language settings.


Celebrate when a user enters a particular pano by throwing confetti.

Mattertag Navigation and Enhancements

New custom mattertags

Change the font, scale, hover size, background image, background opacity.

360 photos and videos

Supports 360 photos and videos in mattertags, scan point trigger and highlight reels.

Transparent background video

Supports transparent background video in mattertags and on sweeps/panos triggers.

Custom css

Assign custom css class per mattertag.

Tag Panel Sorting

Sort the Mattertag Panel with Drag & Drop.

Tag Panel Categories

Categorize tags with lists that expand and minimize.

Tag Panel Color Filters

Assign labels to Mattertag Colors and allow filtering.

Highlight Reel 2.0

Highlight reel media

Multimedia integration in the highlight reel.

Add YouTube & YouTube 360 Videos to Highlight Reel

Integrate videos with thumbnails to the highlight reel!

Add Matterport Spaces to the Highlight Reel

Add related tours to the highlight reel for a multi-space tour!

Filter by Content Type

Hide Dollhouse, Floorplan, 360 or 3D Views. Useful if you using many dollhouse views for your walkthrough tour.

Mini Map Enhancements

Hotspot Visibility

Simplify your minimap by hiding hotspots.

Hotspot Labels

Show a text label when hovered.

Rotate Minimap

Set the minimap's default rotation.

Minimap Rotation Buttons

Allow users to control the minimap rotation.


View Measurements on the Minimap

And Even More!


Set North and show real-world orientation.

Horizontal Flip

Use the same tour to show alternate orientations of an apartment or new home.

Vertical Flip

Flip an entire space if captured upside down. And yes, this is a real thing. Or, just experience anti-gravity.

Instant Snapshots

Add a snapshot button to instantly take 2d snapshots at multiple resolutions and aspect ratios (4:3, 16:9) as well as 4096 x 2048 panoramas for Facebook.

Import / Export Settings

Copy MPEmbed Settings from one tour to the next.

Clickable copyright link

Add a URL to the copyright.

Custom share thumbnail

Change the image on your social media shares.

Custom Start Image or Video Pre-Launch

Use a different image for the pre-load screen -- or perhaps a video (like the teaser videos!)

Custom Help Screen on Start

Display an image (JPG, PNG, SVG) or an IFRAME with a welcome, help text or other marketing when the tour loads.

Animated Embedded Images **

Upload your teaser videos for animated previews on Facebook, Twitter any social media website.

Hosted Content **

Upload your logos, custom mini maps and Highlight Reel 2.0 content directly to MPEmbed Control Panel.

Map Builder **

Import and align custom maps, multiple tours in one map and assign dates to maps to allow navigation in 4D.

Customized Analytics

Control which events are logged to Analytics (Adobe, Google)

Spatial Sound

Attach audio to hotspots or Mattertag locations that play as you approach and change volume as you move.

Visual Space Statistics **

  • Visual Heat Map – See which panos have the most views.
  • Visitor Replay – Watch a visitor’s interaction with your space.
  • Basic Space Statistics – Total Impressions, Views, Unique Impressions, Unique Views, Average # of Panos Viewed, Average Time Spent in Space
  • Advanced Space Statistics – Total # of Views per Pano, Viewers by Geographic Region, Viewers by Browser / OS / Device, MatterTag Statistics
  • Mattertag Statistics – # of Views per Mattertag, Average length of viewing per Mattertag, etc.
  • Email Digests – Send email digests to your clients with statistics. Create custom templates / pick which stats to send. 

Custom Space Events

  • Create Pano Events – Visually select panos and add actions on enter, leave, or rotational position.
  • Create Area Events – Visually select groups of panos to create an area to attach events to.
  • Create Highlight Reel Events – Add overlaid content that appears during the guided tour!
  • Event – Auto Mattertag – Automatically open Mattertags (SDK does not currently support)

Screen Share **

Watch the tour as it is being navigated by a visitor. Take control with permission. Live Chat.  Take custom snapshots during shared tour to send to viewer.

Tour Proofing **

Creating snapshots while viewing the tour and writing notes in order to privately annotate.  Would be useful for quality assurance — writing notes about mesh issues, scan issues, etc.

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