MPEmbed Premium

Unlocking the Full Power of Matterport

  • Reliability
  • Advanced Software Solutions for Matterport™ Ecosystem
  • Innovative Virtual Experience Design and Development
  • 360 CGI Renderings
  • Global Reality Capture and Management

MPEmbed Premium
The Original Matterport SDK App

MPEmbed Premium is an essential tool for the Matterport community. 

Since 2018, it has been used to enhance and customize Matterport virtual tours with advanced features like custom branding, embedded media, and interactive elements.

How does it work?


Create a Matterport asset or get us to create one for you


Import one or multiple Matterport Spaces in Premium


Upload media and branding material in your Media Library


Customize and brand you experience in a simple interface


Share your experience to the world the same way you would with a Matterport Space

Premium Solutions for Premier Matterport Users

Current Pano

Create location-based events

Title and DescriptionAdd title and description associated with the current Pano
Minimap – Hot spot colorChange the color of the hot spot on the Minimap
Minimap – Hide hot spotHide the hot spot on the Minimap
Minimap – Title tool tipMake the title show on Minimap hot spot
Display TitleShow Text annotation (title) when entering this pano
Display DescriptionShow Text annotation (description) when entering this pano
Speech – Read TitleActivate Text to Speech to Title when entering the pano
Speech – Read DescriptionActivate Text to Speech to Description when entering the pano
Throw ConfettiDisplay Confetti effect when entering the pano
Add MediaAdd media event to open when entering the pano
Add AudioAdd an audio event to open when entering the pano
Loop AudioRestart the audio track when over
Audio Start PausedThe audio track is paused when entering the pano
Keep Audio when leavingKeep audio track playing when leaving pano
Only play onceThe media will not replay when returning to pano
Media is 360For Medial Library – If your media is 360 image or video
Media pauses GTMake the pano event pause the Guided Tour
Media for GT onlyThe Media is only triggered when playing in the Guided tour
FiltersApply a color filter to this pano only
Zoom levelApply a zoom level to this pano only

Create Image Filter

Create overlaid color filters

Filter name Name a new filter
Brightness Adjust Brightness level
Contrast Adjust Contrast Level
Saturation Adjust Saturation Level
Hue Shift Shift the Hue level
Invert Invert colors
Sepia Adjust Sepia
Blur Add blur
White Balance Adjust White Balance
Tint Adjust Tint Balance
Save | Reset Save or Reset the current filter settings
Load Saved Filter Load an existing filter to edit

3D Tour

Tools and options to apply globally to the 3D tour

Global Color Filter Apply a pre-set or custom color filter to all active panos
Disable Filters On FireFox Disable color filter on Firefox if performance issues are detected
View Mode Transtions Change the behavior when switching view modes
Motion Blur Transitions Add a blur effect when moving between panos
Hide Navigation Pucks Hide the circles on the floor that indicate scan positions
Disable Cursor Disable the white circle that follows the cursor
Custom Cursor Texture Load a custom texture to replace the white circle
Background Color Change Background style for the Dollhouse/Floor plan views


Series of options to brand Matterport tours

Logo by space titleInsert a logo next to the space Title in the menu
Loading logoInsert a logo under the play button on the Start Screen
Loading Logo DelayAdjust de fade out delay of the loading logo
Custom LoaderInsert a custom loading animation while the space loads
Details Panel MediaInsert a media under the space details in the menu
Splash ScreenInsert a splash screen image over the start screen
Custom FaviconChange the favicon browser tab icon
Powered By LogoInsert a logo next to the Powered By Matterport
Share ThumbnailReplace Matterport space thumbnail when sharing on social media
Share URLReplace the standard URL available when end users hit the share button
Copyright in FooterAdd a textual copyright notice in the space footer
Copyright in URLInsert a URL click in the copyright footer notice


Add and adjust a Watermark in the Matterport Space

WatermarkInsert an image file for the watermark
Watermark OpacityAdjust the opacity of the watermark image
Watermark PositionChoose the display position of the watermark
Watermark SizeChange the size aspect of the watermark
Watermark ScaleChange de scale vs screen of the watermark
Watermark Margin XAdjust padding of the position on the sides of the watermark
Watermark Margin YAdjust padding of the position on the top and bottom of the watermark
Watermark Minimum SizeSets the minimum width and height in pixels of the watermark image (useful for mobile)
Watermark RepeatDuplicate the watermark image across the screen


Add and adjust an image over the blurred nadir spots

Nadir texture Insert an image on the Nadir patch
Nadir Radius Adjust the radius covered by the image
Nadir Segments Adjust segmentation (shape) of the nadir Patch
Nadir Opacity Adjust the opacity of the image over the Nadir Patch
Nadir Rotation Rotate the heading of the image on the Nadir
Nadir Face Camera Enable the Nadir image to always face the camera (front facing)

User Interface

Options to adjust the Interface look and functions

Preload Tour content Pre-load customs tags and 3D models before tour opens
Disable the Panel Hide the MPEmbed menu in live mode
Enable UI Fading Fade the UI while moving from point to point
Scale UI Scale the UI Menu, text and Icons
User interface Color Change the color of the Menu
Show Compass Add Compass icon to the bottom right of the screen
Compass calibration Calibrate Compass to true north
Show Flip Button Add flip space button
Flip Space Flip space side to side or upside down
Visibility – Walkthrough Hide the little man icon for the UI
Show Snap Shot Button Add a snapshot function to the UI
Snapshot Default Format Choose a default image format for the Snapshot action

About Panel

Options and settings for the Menu

Show Details Panel Show or hide the Details Menu and choose its Menu order
Compact Details Replace Space Details text by icons
Google Map Target Make the Details Panel Google Map link open a new window instead of in a Billboard
Menu Icon Switch the Default arrow icon to an Hamburger Menu
Show Stats Panel Add Menu panel with Space stats about the Panos, Tags 360s and Labels
Set Default Panel Set the Menu Panel to be visible when the space loads
Minimize About Panel Start tour with the menu minimized
Hide About Panel Start tour with the menu collapsed


Get analytics data using Google Analytics

Google Analytics Inject Google Analytics Universal tracking ID
Google Analytics GA4 Inject Google Analytics 4 tracking ID
Google Analytics Acceptance Add a Tracking acceptance to the Start Screen

Guided Tour

Basic settings for Guided Tour

Hide Panel During Tour Hide or Show Menu while the Guided Tour plays
Hide Mattertags During Tour Hide or Mattertags while the Guided Tour plays
Disable Pano events Disable all of the current pano actions from playing during the Guided Tour

Highlight Panel

Add and edit Highlight Panel Menu

Enable Highlight Panel Enable the Highlight Reels to be showcased in the Menu
Text Only Show Highlight Reels Scene Labels only, hide the Thumbnail image
Highlight Panel Columns Choose between 1 and 4 columns layout
Linked Matterport Space Link other Space in the Highlight Menu . Opens in the current window
Linked Highlight Reels Link Highlight Reels from linked spaces in the Highlight Menu
Hide Dollhouse Views Hide all Dollhouse views from the Highlight Menu
Hide Floorplan Views Hide all Floorplan Views from the Highlight Menu
Hide Walkthrough Views Hide all Walkthrough Views from the Highlight Menu
Hide 360 Views Hide all 360 Views from the Highlight Menu

Highlight Reel

Basic Settings for Highlight Reel

Hide Dollhouse Views Hide Dollhouse Views from Highlight Reel
Hide Floorplan Views Hide Floorplan Views from Highlight Reel
Hide Walkthrough Views Hide Walkthrough Views from Highlight Reel
Hide 360 Views Hide 360 Views from Highlight Reel
Add Content Add media to the HLR ribbon

3D Models

MPEmbed Series of 3D Options

3D ModelsActivate the 3D tool bar
Scene EnvironmentSet a Scene Environment – Use the Scene Environment on 3D Shapes and Skysphere
Physically Correct LightsEnable the Physically Correct Lights property on the Renderer
Anti-AliasingActivate Anti-Aliasing on the Tour elements. May decrease performance
Alpha Fog DistanceSet fog effect on 3D object. Causes objects to fade with distance
Only 1 TV at a timeMake it so only one Tv Wall can play at one time. Use to improve performance


Global Mattertags options

Tags Panel Enable the Mattertags Directory in the Menu
Tags Panel Search Enable the tags search functionality in the Mattertags Panel
Tags Panel Color Filter Filter Mattertags by original Matterport Color
Tags Panel Click Pick the behavior when a tag is clicked in the panel
Tags Panel Transition Pïck the transitions to the tags when clicked in the panel
Tags Transition Click Pick the transitions to the tags when the tag icon is clicked
Mattertag Toggle Enable a Tag toggle button in the interface
Hide Mattertags / Dollhouse Hide Mattertags in Dollhouse view
Hide Mattertags / Floorplan Hide Mattertags in Floorplan view
Hide Mattertags / Walkthrough Hide Mattertags in Walkthrough view
Deeplink Replacement Replaces MPEmbed Deeplinks with a Matterport link
Disable Mattertag Hover Disable the tag event when hovered
Open Mattertag on Space Load Set a Mattertag to open when the space load
Tags 2.0 Hide Share Button Hide the share icon on the Tags 2.0
Tags 2.0 Hide Anchor Button Hide the anchor icon on the Tags 2.0

Custom Billboard

Enable and adjust MPEmbed's Custom tag pop-up

Custom BillboardActivate MPEmbed custom billboard to replace Matterport’s billboard
CB StyleSelect a billboard style
CB Hide DescriptionHide tag description with a drop down arrow
CB Hover Max WidthAssign a maximum width to the hover popup (Desktop only)
CB ScalingAdjust the size of the billboard
CB Font SizeAdjust font size of the billboard
CB Font FamilySelect a font for the billboard text
CB Foreground ColorChange the text color of the billboard
CB Background ColorChange the background color of the billboard
CB Background ImageUse a custom background for the billboard
CB Background OpacityAdjust the opacity of the billboard
CB Background BlurAdd blur to the billboard
CB PaddingAdd padding to the text in the billboard
CB Rounded CornersAdjust the billboard corner roundness
CB Text ShadowAdjust the text shadow in the billboard
CB Media LoaderAdd a media loader animation when tags are loading a heavy media
CB PDF Force 


Enable and adjust the Minimap

Show Minimap Enable the Minimap
Show High-Res Minimap Use High resolution Minimap
Single Floor Minimap Merge all the floor on the Minimap
Minimap Color Filter Apply a color filter on the Minimap
Minimap Background Color Change the color of the Minimap background
Show Mattertags Show Mattertags on the Minimap
Show Measurements Show Matterport Measurements on the Minimap
Hotspots – Hide Hide all hotspots except current
Hotspots – 1/2 Size Make the hotspot half size
Hotspots – Fade when Inactive Only show the current hotspot while cursor not on the map
Hotspots – Show Numbers Show pano numbers on the Minimap
Navigation Mode – Enable Make the current pano centered on the map
Navigation Mode – UI Button Add the Minimap navigation buttons to the interface
Rotate Minimap Rotate the Minimap
Rotation Controls Add rotation controls to the interface
Hide Map – 360 Views Hide Minimap when in 360 mode
Hide Map – Dollhouse View Hide Minimap when in Dollhouse mode
Hide Map – Floorplan View Hide Minimap when in Floorplan mode
Custom Minimap Use a custom Minimap
Custom Minimap Width Ajdust Width of the pano pack on the Minimap
Custom Minimap Height Ajdust Height of the pano pack on the Minimap
Custom Minimap Left Offset Ajdust horizontal offsets of the pano pack on the Minimap
Custom Minimap Top Offset Ajdust vertical offsets of the pano pack on the Minimap


Apply background music to your tour

Background Music Add a link to an mp3 file to play during your tour
Bg Music Volume Set the volume between 5% and 100%
BG Music w/YouTube Keep music playing when a user launches a Youtube video from the highlight reel
BG Music Start Paused Prevent autoplay on the background music
BG Music on Tour The background music will only autoplay when the Tour begins
BG Music Pause on Media Play The background music will pause on media play

Text to Speech

Text to speech settings for the curent pano events

Default Voice Choose language
Voice Gender Choose gender style
Voice Pitch Adjust voice pitch
Voice Speed Adjust voice speed
Voice Volume Adjust voice volume level
Voice Greeting Create a Text to speech greating at the tour start
Voice Repeating Prevent the TTS to repeat itself during a visit
Voice Mute Add a mute TTS function


For developers

Custom JavascriptInject Custom JavaScript to MPEmbed’s code
Custom CSSInject Custom CSS to MPEmbed’s code

Standard URL Parameters

Guided Tour – ButtonHide the Guided Tour button
Guided Tour – Auto StartSet the Guided Tour to auto start mode
Guided Tour – Call to ActionChange the call to action after the Guided Tour
Guided Tour – Disable PanningDisable the panning effect during the Guided Tour
Guided Tour – LoopSet the Guided Tour to restart when over
Guided Tour – Mesh Free 
Guided Tour – Stop TimeSet the amount of time the Guided tour waits at a pano before moving to next hlr
Highlight Reel – Display OptionsSet the display style of the classic HLR
Highlight Reel – VisibilityHide HLR ribbon
Launch – Auto StartSet the tour to auto start when the space link is clicked
Launch – Custom Start PositionSet Custom start position
Launch – Custom Start RotationSet Custom start rotation
Launch – Custom Start SweepSet Custom start sweep
Launch – Custom Start ModeSet Custom start mode
Launch – Custom Start PositionSet Custom start position
Launch – Mobile TargetSet mobile click space click behavior when the space is embedded
Launch – Enable QuickstartSkip the Dollhouse fly in when space loads – Improves performance
Launch – Help PanelSet Help panel style
User Interface – LanguageSet the basic language of the interface
User Interface – FloorsDisable the floor level selector
User Interface – Mouse WheelSet the mouse wheel scroll behavior when the space is embedded
User Interface – ZoomingDisable interface zooming
Visibility – 360 PinsHide 360 Pins
Visibility – 360 PortalsHide 360 Portals
Visibility – DollhouseHide Dollhouse mode button
Visibility – Floorplan ModeHide Floorplan mode button
Visibility – MLS-friendlyMake the space MLS friendly
Visibility – Presented ByHide the Presented By
Visibility – TitleHide the Space Title
Visibility – MattertagsHide Mattertags
VR – Disable VR ButtonHide VR Button
VR – Limited Mode 
Mattertags VersionSwitch Mattertags version

Advanced Options

SDK Bundle VersionChange SDK Bundle version
Disable Parameters 
Use Chinese CDNForce Matterport’s Chinese CDN
Colorize RoomsColorize rooms
Colorize ChunksColorize Mesh chunks
Show WireframeShow the mesh wireframe
Minimal Memory Mode 
Walkthrough SpeedSpeed of camera move during Guided Tour
Camera – Rotation SpeedSpeed of camera rotation during Guided Tour
IP Address FilterAdd IP specific access only
PANOS List of all panos per floor
Floors | Number | Features Simple function to access active panos
CUSTOMIZE UI TEXT Edit all interface text
TAG COLOR NAMES Edit Original tag color filter names
Batch Pano Extractor Extract all Panos in 4K
IMPORT SETTINGS Import selected settings from other space
Space ID ID of the space to import settings from
Version Version name if applicable
WHITE LABEL White label options
White Label Domain Associate a white label subscription to this space