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Vessel Life Extension | CCGS Leonard J. Cowley
Canadian Coast Guard

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MPEmbed Use Case

Canadian Coast Guard


MPEmbed Use Case - Canadian Coast Guard

The Canadian Coast Guard’s CCGS Cowley required vessel life extension work and was seeking qualified contractors to participate in the tender process.

However, due to the vast territory in which contractors were located and the limited availability of the vessel, it was challenging for them to visit and familiarize themselves with the work environment.  

A more advanced solution than photos and videos was necessary.


MPEmbed Use Case - Canadian Coast Guard
  • Contractors needed to understand the work environment on board the CCGS Cowley, but physical visits were impractical due to geographical constraints and the vessel’s limited availability.
  • Reviewing all work specifications and analyzing the work environment during a short physical visit was difficult and time-consuming.
  • Contractors frequently requested documents and drawings, making it challenging to keep track of all the necessary information.


MPEmbed Use Case - Canadian Coast Guard

MPEmbed’s capture team specializes in creating Digital Twins for the Marine industry, and has been producing Digital Twins for the Canadian Coast Guard vessels 2017. 

For the CCGS Cowley vessel life extension project, MPEmbed provided a complete turnkey solution, from scanning expertise to custom function programming.

The Matterport Digital Twin of the vessel was geo-referenced to its physical location, allowing contractors to access work specifications and location data remotely.

MPEmbed’s team of experts used their extensive scanning expertise and SDK development to create a highly accurate Digital Twin that contractors could explore to familiarize themselves with the vessel’s layout and systems, including mechanical, electrical, and plumbing systems.


MPEmbed Use Case - Canadian Coast Guard
MPEmbed Use Case - Canadian Coast Guard

MPEmbed’s Digital Twin solution exceeded expectations by providing a very responsive service in handling documents. The document database was user-friendly and efficient, allowing contractors to easily access all necessary documents and drawings.

The Digital Twin enabled contractors to prepare and submit accurate and comprehensive tenders, including cost estimates and detailed project plans.The use of the Digital Twin also reduced the need for physical visits to the vessel, saving time and money for both the Canadian Coast Guard and contractors.

Moreover, the digital twin of the Cowley has turned into an indispensable tool for the vessel managers, providing quick access to the vessel 24/7, even when at sea. It has improved communication between the shore and vessel crew by having quick references. Additionally, the use of a digital twin has also helped reduce the carbon footprint of the vessel by reducing the need for physical visits and printed documents.

Overall, the implementation of MPEmbed’s Digital Twin solution has provided numerous benefits to the Canadian Coast Guard, including cost savings, improved efficiency, and reduced environmental impact.

“When the Canadian Coast Guard started planning an extensive Vessel Life Extension for the Leonard J Cowley, one of the major challenges we faced was how to make the vessel available for a viewing to all the potential bidders.

We were introduced to Yann and his team at MPEmbed who were able to develop a custom solution to our concerns. MPEmbed was able to do a site visit and perform a very accurate and detailed scan of all areas of the vessel within a very short timeframe. As the next step of this project we worked directly with Yann and MPEmbed to upload all files, reports and drawings to the site with multiple ways to access these files.

This project has been a great success for the CCG as it has allowed all potential bidders, CG employees and other partners to view the vessel without actually attending in person. This scan will be used for many years to come to plan work and for Project Managers to view the vessel without having to physically attend. By having this scan completed we have removed the requirement to have the vessel out of service for multiple viewings.

I would highly recommend using MPEmbed for all scanning requirements and will definitely use them again in the future for any new projects."