Use Case: CGI to Matterport

MPEmbed Use Case

La Gestion Services Immobiliers - CGI to Matteport


MPEmbed Use Case - CGI to Matterport - La Gestion Services Immobiliers

La Gestion, Service Immobilier, a real estate management company based in Quebec City Canada, was looking for an innovative way to promote their new apartment complex. 

They wanted to showcase the complex’s features and amenities in a visually stunning way that would attract potential buyers.

Project Background

MPEmbed Use Case - CGI to Matterport - La Gestion Services Immobiliers

The client had limited resources or material to use for marketing purposes before building completion.

They needed a cost-effective solution that would enable them to create a virtual tour of the complex and showcase its unique features and amenities.


Use Case

MPEmbed Use Case - CGI to Matterport - La Gestion Services Immobiliers

MPEmbed provided Computer Generated Imagery (CGI) rendering to Matterport solutions, enabling La Gestion to create a virtual tour of the apartment design. CGI rendering involves the use of computer software to create a 3D representation of an object or space. This technology has been used by real estate developers for many years to create virtual models of buildings and apartments to help buyers visualize the spaces before they are built.

MPEmbed’s team of experts were able to take the CGI rendering to the next level by transforming it into a Matterport Space model. Matterport is a technology platform that allows users to create immersive 3D models of real-world spaces. By using Matterport technology, MPEmbed was able to create a virtual tour of the apartment complex that was highly realistic and interactive.


MPEmbed Use Case - CGI to Matterport - La Gestion Services Immobiliers

MPEmbed’s CGI rendering to Matterport service exceeded La Gestion’s expectations by providing a stunning virtual tour that showcased the apartment design, unique features and amenities. The cost-effective solution allowed La Gestion to save significant resources that would have been required for other type of immersive content.

The virtual tour was an effective marketing tool, allowing potential customer to explore the complex’s features and amenities from anywhere in the world. The use of MPEmbed’s CGI rendering service helped La Gestion to attract more potential client and generate more interest in their new apartment complex.

MPEmbed’s innovative use of CGI rendering technology and Matterport technology provided a unique and effective solution for real estate developers looking to promote their properties. The ability to create highly realistic and interactive virtual tours of buildings and apartments using computer software has become an essential tool for real estate developers in today’s market. By transforming CGI rendering to Matterport Space model, MPEmbed was able to provide a more immersive and engaging experience for La Gestion’s potential buyers.

"I recently worked with MPEmbed to create a virtual demo tour of our new apartment complex and I couldn't be happier with the results.

The process was incredibly smooth, and the team at MPEmbed was able to take our floor plan drawing and a few representative images and turn them into a stunning virtual tour.

We were impressed with how little re-editing was needed, and the team's ability to deliver an accurate and comprehensive virtual tour within our budget.

The price was just perfect for our needs, and we appreciated the cost-effective solution that MPEmbed provided. Overall, we were very impressed with MPEmbed's expertise and professionalism.

They were able to deliver a high-quality virtual tour that showcased our apartment complex's unique features and amenities, helping us to generate more interest in our new development."