MPEmbed Free

Our commitment to the Matterport Community

  • Same Matterport Experience with added flavors
  • Very simple to use
  • Upgradable
  • No payment information required
  • Technical support, and training material included

MPEmbed Premium Free

Our commitment to the Matterport Community.

How does it work?


Create a Matterport asset or get us to create one for you


Import one or multiple Matterport Spaces in Premium


Link media links for your branding options


Customize and brand you experience in a simple interface


Share your experience to the world the same way you would with a Matterport Space


Elevate your virtual tours with our Premium Free options, which give you the ability to add your logos, background audio and other unique interface options for increased brand recognition and improved experience for the end user. 

3D Tour

Tools and options to apply globally to the 3D tour

Global Color FilterApply a pre-set or custom color filter to all active panos
View Mode TranstionsChange the behavior when switching view modes
Hide Navigation PucksHide the circles on the floor tha indicate positions
Disable CursorDisable the white circle that follows the cursor
Background ColorChange Background style for the Dollhouse/Floor plan views


Series of options to brand Matterport tours

Logo by space titleInsert a Logo next to the space Title in the menu
Loading logoInsert a Logo under the play button on the Start Screen
Loading Logo DelayAdjust the fade out delay of the loading logo
Share URLReplace the Standard URL available when end users hit the Share button
Copyright in FooterAdd a textual Copyright notice in the space footer
Copyright in URLInsert a URL click in the Copyright footer notice


Adjust an image over the blurred nadir spots

Nadir Radius Adjust the radius covered by the image
Nadir Segments Adjust segmentation (shape) of the nadir Patch
Nadir Opacity Adjust the opacity of the image over the Nadir Patch
Nadir Rotation Rotate the heading of the image on the Nadir
Nadir Face Camera Enable the Nadir image to always face the camera (front facing)

User Interface

Options to adjust the Interface look and functions

Disable the PanelHide the MPEmbed menu in live mode
User interface ColorChange the color of the Menu
Show CompassAdd Compass icon to the bottom right of the screen
Compass calibrationCalibrate Compass to true north
Visibility – WalkthroughHide the little person icon for the UI

About Panel

Options and settings for the Menu

Show Details Panel Show or hide the Details Menu and choose its Menu order
Minimize About Panel Start tour with the menu minimized
Hide About Panel Start tour with the menu collapsed

Guided Tour

Basic settings for Guided Tour

Tour Presentation Changes the Tour Presentation Mode between Highlight Reel or Story Tour.

Highlight Panel

Add and edit Highlight Panel Menu

Enable Highlight Panel Enable the Highlight Reels to be showcased in the Menu

3D Models

MPEmbed Series of 3D Options

3D Models Activate the 3D tool bar


Global Mattertags options

Tags PanelEnable the Mattertags Directory in the Menu
Tags Panel ClickPick the behavior when a tag is clicked in the panel
Mattertag ToggleEnable a Tag toggle button in the interface
Tags 2.0 Hide Share ButtonHide the share icon on the Tags 2.0
Tags 2.0 Hide Anchor ButtonHide the anchor icon on the Tags 2.0


Enable and adjust the Minimap

Show Minimap Enable the Minimap


Apply background music to your tour

Background Music Add a link to an mp3 file to play during your tour
Bg Music Volume Set the volume between 5% and 100%
BG Music Loop Allow the music file to start over when the end is reached
BG Music Start Paused Prevent autoplay on the background music

Advanced Options

Use Chinese CDN Force Matterport’s Chinese CDN