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Matterport Scan

Experience a new level of immersive virtual reality with our Matterport Scan capture service. Our team of experts at MPEmbed have a wealth of experience in creating stunning virtual spaces for museums, institutions, and even marine environments.

Our use of Matterport technology allows for unparalleled accuracy and detail, giving users a truly immersive experience that feels like they’re really there. Plus, with our expertise, you can be confident that your virtual space will be optimized for maximum engagement and impact. Whether you’re showcasing a museum exhibit, a historical site, or even a boat, our Matterport Scan capture service is the perfect solution for bringing your space to life.

Capture your world : MPEmbed Matterport Scan Services

Laser Scan

Capture your world : MPEmbed Laser Scan Services
Capture your world : MPEmbed Laser Scan Services

Laser scanning technology has revolutionized the field of engineering and construction, offering unprecedented levels of accuracy and efficiency. With the ability to capture 3D spatial data and create highly detailed digital twins of real-world environments, laser scanning has become an indispensable tool for the AEC industry.

In the marine industry, laser scanning is used extensively for naval construction, where highly accurate digital models of ships and other vessels can be created for analysis and simulation. In addition, the technology is used for CAD and engineering design, as well as for structural inspections and analysis.

At MPEmbed, we leverage the latest laser scanning technology and processing software to deliver highly accurate and reliable digital twins for our clients. With years of experience serving multiple industries, including marine and AEC, our team has the expertise and know-how to handle even the most complex projects.

We understand the importance of timely delivery, and our commitment to accuracy and reliability means that no challenge is too big for us to handle. Whether you need digital twins for engineering analysis, naval construction, or any other application, we can deliver the results you need in a timely and efficient manner.

Aerial data collection

In industries such as construction, engineering, and naval development, drone data collection has been a game changer. Drones equipped with high-resolution cameras, LiDAR sensors, and other advanced technologies can capture data from vantage points that would otherwise be inaccessible or too dangerous for human workers. This data can then be used to create highly detailed 3D models and maps that provide critical information for site planning, monitoring, and analysis.

For example, in construction, drone data can be used to create accurate topographic maps, track progress on job sites, and inspect hard-to-reach areas like roofs and facades. In engineering, drone data can be used to monitor infrastructure, survey land, and perform inspections on bridges and other structures. In naval development, drone data can be used for ship inspections, oceanographic surveys, and environmental monitoring. Overall, drone data collection has helped these industries improve efficiency, reduce costs, and increase safety.

Take advantage of our end-to-end solutions for Aerial Data Collection. We manage every aspect of the project, from initial planning and deployment to final deliverables. Leveraging our global network of partners, we can deploy drone units in many places in the world to capture data for our clients.

Our processing center is equipped with the latest software and hardware to ensure that the integrity of the deliverables meet our high standards. We understand the importance of accuracy and precision when it comes to aerial data, and our team is dedicated to delivering reliable results within a timely manner.

Capture your world : MPEmbed Aerial Data Collection Services