You don’t need to be a programmer, just read this page!

How to Use MP Embed

Replace with in any Matterport embed code. 

Turn on features by adding additional parameters to your space url — or embedding hidden Mattertags in your space that contain the settings.

Embed w/Mini Map and Advanced Infobox w/all options

Video Tutorials

Basic Overview & Tutorial

Minimap & Tag Navigation

Available Parameters



Advanced Infobox


Comma Separated Option List: details,hdir,mdir,mdirsearch,debug

Show Mattertag Content in Infobox


MPEmbed enhances &mt=0 when used with &info=mdir by allowing the Mattertag directory to open your mattertags inside the infobox while still navigating to where you placed them in your tour.

Custom Logo


URI Encoded URL *

Image before details


URI Encoded URL *

Mini Map


1 = Start Minimized; 2 = Start Closed; 3 = Start Maximized

Mini Map Photo Filter


Apply a photo filter to the mini map. See the example's debug box for the full list.

Fading Hotspots


Reduces inactive hotspots to 50% of their size until hovered. Does not change mobile.

Google Analytics


Replace with your Google Analytics ID

Photo Filter


Apply a photo filter to your tour. See the example's debug box for the full list.

Disable Fading UI


Disables mpembed UI elements from disappearing when moving.

Photographer Copyright


URI Encoded (Replace spaces with %20)

Alternate CDN


Use Chinese CDN

Set Parameters With Hidden Mattertags

You can also set options for a tour using ‘hidden’ Mattertags.

By setting your options in a Mattertag, you will be able to change options and add features to your embedded tours at any time from within without the need to change the parameters on the websites that you have published your tour to.

Note – Premium users can configure tours via our member area, which is extremely easy!


Title Field

Details Box


Advanced Infobox


Use multiple options by separating with commas


Show Standard Details Panel


Highlight Reel Directory


Mattertag Directory


Enable Search box in Mattertag Directory


Enable debug panel with photo filters and parameter checking.

Show Mattertag Content in Infobox



Use with info=mdir

Custom Logo


Link to 32 x 32 custom logo

Use 'Media Box'

Image before Details


Link to image (max 300x200px)

Mini Map



Show Minimap (Minimized)


Show Minimap (Closed)


Show Minimap (Maximized)

Mini Map Photo Filter


[See list in debug panel]

Fading Hotspots



Reduces inactive hotspots to 50% of their size until hovered. Does not change mobile.

Google Analytics



Photo Filter


[See list in debug panel]

Filter entire tour

Disable Fading UI



Disables MP.Embed's Overlay from fading out on idle.

Photographer Copyright


Your Company Name

Alternate CDN



Load tour from Chinese CDN

You can also set options with parameters in addition to all standard Showcase parameters.

For general information about using parameters, please visit:…/209980967-URL-Parameters

Google Analytics Support

You can now track engagement with your Matterport Space!

Using the Live Events feature of Google Analytics, you can even see as people are navigating your spaces in real time!

Events Logged:

  • Showcase Events: Entering panos, changing modes (floorplan/dollhouse/inside/360 Views), highlight reel (start/stop/end/step), changing floors, clicking Mattertags
  • MP.Embed Events: Mini Map Hotspot Click, Highlight Dropdown select

The format of how events are logged may change during beta based on feedback. More documentation coming post-beta.

Tips & Tricks

Disabling the Highlights Reel

Consider disabling the highlight reel in Workshop if you’d like to use the Highlight Reel directory, but not the guided tour feature.

Integrated MatterTags

You can experience Mattertags in an entirely new way by hiding them all (&mt=0) and using the MatterTag Directory (&info=mdir).  Now Mattertags serve only as a navigational menu and when clicked, their content will appear in a panel in the infobox until the viewer clicks ‘back’. 

Try My Favorite Photo Filter

Most photo filters create cheesy effects, but if you’d like to boost your brightness and saturation just a bit, try &filter=favorite

Embed on Social Media

MPEmbed links will embed on Facebook, Twitter or any site that supports OpenGraph.

oEmbed Support for Content Management Systems

Insert your link to automatically insert your tour in your site if it supports oEmbed.  

WordPress only supports whitelisted oEmbed providers, of which neither Matterport or MPEmbed are.

I made a plugin that fixes that and allows embedding Matterport and MPEmbed urls simply by pasting them to a blank line in WordPress.

Download it here