Frequently Asked Questions

Things that people ask me all the time.

Questions about MPEmbed

MPEmbed Free.

What does MPEmbed Cost?

MPEmbed is free.  A Premium version exists.

Is MPEmbed a WordPress Plugin?


How do I download MPEmbed?

You do not.  Like Matterport Spaces, you receive a URL that you embed the same way that you embed your spaces.

Are you modifying my spaces?


Is there a WordPress Plugin for MPEmbed?

You can use WP3D Models or WP Matterport Shortcode

Is support provided for MPEmbed (Free)?

We offer limited support by email.

Is my data secure?

MPEmbed has nightly backups and data is recuperable for a week in case of emergency.  It’s important to be sure that your spaces will not be impacted by any hardware failure.

Can I embed MPEmbed Spaces on Facebook and Twitter?

Yes.  Same as Matterport Spaces.

Can I embed MPEmbed Spaces in a Mattertag?

Yes.  We are an approved provider, which allows URLs to be placed inside of Mattertags.

How do I configure an MPEmbed Free Space?

You change ‘’ to ‘’ in your embed link that you normally use, then you add the parameters documented on the ‘How it Works’ page.

How do I use parameters?

Parameters are Hard / My URL is too long / I don’t want to use parameters.

.This is why premium exists.  With premium, you are only required to use 2 parameters ?m=[SPACEID]&mpu=[MPEmbed User ID]

I use &title=0 and the About Panel is still there!  Why?

We do not support &title=0 in order to allow customers to use MPEmbed with WP3D Models without a conflict.

WP3D Models automatically applies &title=0 in order to provide it’s animated title sequence.  In order to work together with this WP3D Models, we ignore this setting. 

Please use &mls=2 instead – as it does the same exact thing and is supported.

I have a feature request, how do I send it to you?

Use the contact form.  At least 50% of MPEmbed’s features are a direct response to user requests.


MPEmbed Premium.

Why should I buy Premium?

Premium allows you to create actions for individual panoramas within a space including announcements (text overlays), color filters assigned to individual panoramas, text to speech and so much more.  There is a full list of Premium-only features on the Premium page.

How do you pick which features are in Premium and which are free?

Simple.  If a feature can be used by a parameter, it’s available in the free version.  If a feature requires visual configuration – like building a custom color filter or attaching events to a panorama within the space, it’s a premium feature.

How many spaces can I create overlays for?

You can create a TOTAL of 100, or unlimited spaces depending on the plan that you choose. This is a total, not a monthly allowance.

Which account Should I Purchase?

The Basic account (now retired) allows for 25 spaces and most of our features, excluding file upload.  File upload is necessary for TV walls and 3d objects and custom Mattertag icons.   You can still have files such as mp3s and images, but they need to be hosted somewhere else on the web. 

The Professional account supports up to 100 spaces and 500 Mbs of media library space, allowing you to upload your files directly to our servers.  

The Enterprise account allows an unlimited number of spaces and 1GB of media library space.   All features are similar to the professional account.

We also offer 10 GB packages for more space in the media library.

Can I change my subscription after I subscribe?

You can, but you need to contact us.

How do I cancel?

Contact support from the contact link and request cancellation.  If you were recently billed, your recent payment can be refunded.

Is there a tutorial for Premium?  Documentation?

MPEmbed Premium has been designed to provide documentation to each of its features within the user interface.   There is a link to the user guide on top of the account screen as well.

Possibly the most difficult thing for users is grasping the scope of what they are able to do with MPEmbed and finding the features that they want to use.  This is due to the massive, growing number of features that are available.  

We offer free live tutorials.

Can anyone add my space to their MPEmbed Account?

Yes, anyone can do this, just like anyone can embed your Matterport Space on their website.

If you are a premium user and would like to retain the exclusive ability to enhance your space with MPEmbed, you can insert a Mattertag into your space, set the visibility to hidden, and add the title ‘mpu’ and your account number in the description.

Can anyone use parameters to override my settings and embed my space on their website?

Yes, anyone can do this, just like anyone can embed any public Matterport Space on their website with their own parameters.

If you are a premium user and would like to retain the exclusive ability to not only enhance your space but to choose the visible parameters, you can insert a Mattertag into your space, set the visibility to hidden and add the title ‘ignoreparams’ as the title and ‘1’ in the description.

Combine this with locking the space to your user account and you have retained 100% control over how your space appears as enhanced with MPEmbed.

Tips & Tricks & Facts

Try My Favorite Photo Filter

Most photo filters create cheesy effects, but if you’d like to boost your brightness and saturation just a bit, try &filter=favorite

Embed on Social Media

MPEmbed links will embed on Facebook, Twitter or any site that supports OpenGraph.

Embed MPEmbed in a Matterport Space!

MPEmbed is supported by – the service that Matterport uses for providing safe embedding of multimedia content within Mattertags.  This means that in a Mattertag, you can place an link and have an enhanced 3D space inside of a normal, or enhanced 3D space.  Inception!

oEmbed Support for Content Management Systems

Insert your link to automatically insert your tour in your site if it supports oEmbed.  

WordPress only supports whitelisted oEmbed providers, of which neither Matterport or MPEmbed are.  I made a plugin that fixes that and allows embedding Matterport and MPEmbed urls simply by pasting them to a blank line in WordPress.  Download it here

Showcase v3.0 Only

Since the SDK is a part of Showcase 3, MPEmbed does not support Showcase 2.  You can still have Showcase 2 setup for your normal links — we automatically force Showcase 3.  Showcase 2 is a bit smoother and handles imperfections within Matterport Spaces a little bit nicer, so many people prefer it.

W3C Compliant

MPEmbed has been run through W3C tests to ensure that all code is 100% compliant.  Not even Showcase is compliant!

Daily Backups

This site and all premium configurations are backed up nightly at 4am!  Data is retained for 1 week.  We’re safeguarded against catastrophic failure.

Payments via is used for processing payments securely.  Your credit card information is never received or stored by  Stripe is easy to use to manage subscriptions, issue refunds and resolve issues.