MPEmbed Form – White Label Domain Request

Before you start, please read the instructions below.

You need an MPEmbed account to request a White Label Domain. One White Label Domain is included in most plans. If you are requesting a second White Label Domain, there are additional fees to cover (99.95 USD per additional domain, annually).

MPEmbed does not provide domain names, you need to own the domain you want to use.

You also need to have access to your domain manager and be able to add a cname record.

Here’s an example from Godaddy. You do not need a Godaddy account, but you should be able to do something similar with your domain manager.

You cannot use the same domain prefix as your website, unless it is a dedicated domain for this. If you run your website on, you need to create a subdomain such as You can use any other prefix you prefer.

In order to do so, create a cname record pointing to

It should look something like this :

“Name” : virtual (or the prefix you selected)
“Value” or “Content” :

Then let us know when it is set up and which exact domain you want to use, we’ll finish the setup on our servers. It may take up to two days to put online.

Ideally, the steps above should be completed before your fill the form below. If you need help about this, use the general inquiries form.

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IMPORTANT : We do not provide domain names, you need to own the domain you want to use.
Your MPU is displayed at the top of your account page and in your space links.
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