Terms of Service

First... Thank you!

Thanks for using this product.  It was created by Chris Hickman.  Chris worked on it tirelessly for about 18 months and took a break.  It is now managed jointly with an amazing team of developers led by Yann Menard.  Chris is an honorary consultant and strategist.

MP/Embed is powered by the Matterport SDK and under review by the Matterport 3rd Party Product team.

Like Matterport, I believe that adding new features to Showcase adds value to the platform and is a great way to help MSPs.  

Terms of Service - MP/Embed Free

This service is an overlay.  The author of this add-on is only responsible for the items that appear over your Matterport Space as an overlay.  The tour and its contents are hosted on Matterport’s CDN and are subject to Matterport’s TOS.

This service is for embedding on your website or your client’s websites. 

MP/Embed does not make any changes to your hosted ‘space’.

It is possible that some MLS providers will allow you to post an link. We do not guarantee this, nor are we working to establish any relationships with any MLS providers.  Simply use the traditional Matterport MLS Link for the MLS.

Features are subject to availability and may be terminated if:

  • Matterport request removal of features.
  • Matterport remove necessary SDK functionality.
  • Matterport adds similar features to Showcase.

In the event of this service being discontinued all embedded links will be forwarded to

Terms of Service - MP/embed Premium

MP/embed Premium features services with a monthly subscription fee. Premium services are defined as any feature that requires storage of user inputted of data on our servers, access to stored data on our servers and use of an account to access.

You will not be asked to provide any login credentials associated with Matterport Cloud or any other 3rd party service.

MP/embed is not a Matterport Product.

The terms ‘Matterport’, ‘Matterport Cloud’, ‘Mattertags’ and ‘True3D’ are trademarks of Matterport. We use them in order to explain how our features relate to the content that you have created and are hosting with Matterport. Use of terms is done out of necessity, not self-promotion. It would be silly to replace ‘Matterport’ with ‘3D Tour.’ 

Many features utilize the Matterport SDK. We are a registered as a developer with Matterport. If you are interested in developing third party applications with the Matterport SDK, CLICK HERE